Dusty Davis


Dusty loves Falling Creek Camp. His early days forged much of the direction that has shaped his life - the value of friends, spiritual development, and lots of adventure!

His sons have loved Falling Creek, first as campers, then CITs, and staff. Camp has left an indelible mark on their whole family, including his wife, Mary Lou, who also worked here in the early 1980s.

Dusty has worked with sports ministry for more than 25 years on college campuses from Oregon to the University of Alabama, Birmingham. He teaches athletes spiritual values that mold their lives and has led mission trips to 17 countries around the globe.

He has been an extreme athlete himself. As a two-time state road cycling and mountain biking champion, he road-raced in Europe as well as in the Olympic Trials, and he rides motorcycles in long off-road races like the 24-hour-enduro challenge.

Dusty now pours his love for God and adventure into his own three children as they mountain bike and rock climb around the globe.

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