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Activity Ideas & Coronavirus Updates

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Camp Fun at Home!

During this unique time, we hope to be a resource to you until camp begins this summer. Below are some camp-inspired ideas and activities to try at home

  • See how many words you can find in this Falling Creek Word Search! The words are forwards, backwards, up, and down - just not diagonal! If you get stumped, here is the answer key.
  • Exercise your brain with this Falling Creek Crossword Puzzle! You can print out the PDF version here. Don’t peek until you’re ready, but here is the Crossword Answer Key.
  • We love fortbuilding during Evening Program, but you can also build awesome forts at home! (indoor blanket fort, backyard lean-to, cardboard box rocketship, so many possibilities!)
  • One of the steps to reach Explorer in Nature is to “Identify (10) plant species at camp, including at least one of each of the following: bushes, flowers, vines, and trees.” Can you ID ten plants in your backyard? Send us photos of any plants you see that you don’t know the name of, and we can help you ID them!
  • Learn to play your favorite camp song! With the chords G, D, Em, and C, you can play “It’s a Great Day to Be Alive”, “Country Roads,” “Rocky Top,” “Wagon Wheel,” and more! You can also make a music video and film yourself lip-syncing (or actually singing) to your favorite camp song. For some musical inspiration, visit our Music Gallery.
  • Write a letter to a camp friend. Ask us if you don’t know your camp friend’s mailing address, or if you need a camp penpal. Wilma and Marvin (the camp pigs) are looking for penpals too!
    You can write them at:
    Wilma and Marvin Pig,
    Falling Creek FARM,
    PO Box 98,
    Tuxedo NC 28784
  • Cook some camp food! Check out this video on our YouTube page on how to cook an egg at the F.A.R.M. You can also Revisit our blog post on how to make favorites like Longenecker Lumps, Cajun Kitchen Burritos, or Pluggers. Finally, our social media post from March 31st shows step by step instructions for making Pisgah Pizzas. Bonus points if you’re able to cook over a campfire in your backyard :)
  • Join us for a 2 minute meditation practice while we enjoy the sounds of Falling Creek Falls with this video
  • Schedule a time to FaceTime or call your camp friends and catch up over the phone! Let us know if you don’t know your camp friends’ phone number.
  • Exercise! Start your own “push up porch” or work on progressions in the HEAT. Try out the Fitness Tests from the HEAT progressions here.
  • For another exercise challenge, try completeing the FCC Fitness Trail Circuit at home! You can see our virtual trail video and all the exercise descriptions on this blog post.
  • With parental supervision, practice your firebuilding skills in the backyard or in your fireplace at home. Can you get a headstart on your OSC (Outdoor Skills Certified) skills by starting a fire using just one match?
  • End the day with Evening Embers as a family, just like at camp. We have a few discussion guides from the 2019 summer, including our discussions on Joy, Anger, and Service.
  • We love taking in the views and appreciating earth’s natural beauty on our trips, but did you know you can take virtual tours of some of America’s National Parks? Explore these beautiful places here, without even leaving your couch!
  • Learn to tie the “4 Basic Knots that Everyone Should Know.” Check out this classic blog post to learn the square knot, the sheet bend, the bowline, and the tautline hitch. Need 4 more? See the follow up article that teaches the carrick bend, the timber hitch, the alpine butterfly loop, and the barrel knot.
  • Play a game of Falling Creek Bingo!
  • Not only is coloring fun, it can also reduce stress! We have some Falling Creek Coloring Pages available to download and print out below:
    Falling Creek Code Shield Coloring Page
    Warrior Spirit Coloring Page
    Moral Compass Coloring Page
    Positive Attitude Coloring Page
    Servant’s Heart Coloring Page
    Dining Hall and Lake Coloring Page
    FCC Bell Coloring Page
    Canoes Coloring Page
    Cabin Coloring Page
    Horse Coloring Page
    Camp Dog Lulu Coloring Page
    Camp Puppy Rucker Coloring Page
    Climbing Coloring Page
    Hiking Coloring Page
    Mountain View Coloring Page
    Lake Canoe Coloring Page
    Wilma the Pig Coloring Page
    FCC Chickens Coloring Page


Center for Disease Control Coronavirus Information

Talking to your children about COVID-19

Association of Camp Nursing

As we prepare for a fantastic summer, we want to let you know that we are also closely monitoring trusted resources regarding COVID-19. We will be updating this page regularly with COVID-19 news as it relates to camp and our practices.

Updated March 27, 2020

A Letter To Our Falling Creek Families

Dear Falling Creek Camp Families,

Like you, we are adjusting to our new schedule of homeschool and miss our normal routine of activities and friends. Thankfully, the hardest part so far has been 4th grade math.

This is an unusual time in Falling Creek’s history, but we have faced other challenging times and, as always, it will be the bond of our community that sustains us. While we remain eager and committed to preparing for a full summer, it is hard to predict how the rapidly evolving situation will impact camp. We hope that in the same way you have entrusted us with your son, you also trust us with your investment in camp.

If the session in which your camper is enrolled must be cancelled Falling Creek would give you the option of rolling your tuition to next summer or a full refund. Our preference would be to roll your tuition to 2021. We love our campers and want to see them back on the mountain. This would also be helpful as we manage the cash flow of our small business.

Campers paid in full by the April 1st deadline, whose session is cancelled, and who choose to roll their tuition to 2021, will be considered paid in full for the same session. This represents a savings for any likely cost-of-living tuition increase next summer. This choice also includes priority enrollment in the same session for 2021 (moving to a longer session will result in payment of additional tuition difference at 2020 rates). As always, you can cancel for a full refund, including the deposit, if requested prior to January 1, 2021.

We respect the different decisions our families must make. If you feel you will not be able to attend camp this summer, our longstanding refund policy as outlined in your camper application will be in effect. We have extended this date until May 1, 2020.

We don’t make light of the fact that many of you have small businesses, like us, and are figuring out how to keep your team employed. We are beyond grateful for those on the frontlines in the medical community showing up daily to fight this. We also keep in prayer those who are ill with the virus. Please know how deeply we think about these things. In contrast, you’ll notice our social media presence is intentionally of a lighter nature. We hope that it will serve as a resource for our families and others - a daily reminder that our faith is strong, play is king, and that the light of our community can make a difference. Please join us.

Thank you for the many thoughtful and supportive comments we have received from camp families. We send love to you and your family during these complicated times and cross our fingers that we will be able to see many of you in the coming months.


Yates and Marisa

Current and Considered Health Practices

Falling Creek Directors will virtually attend the NCYCA’s (North Carolina Youth Camp Association) Camp Education Symposium on Coronavirus on March 27th, 2020 – hosted by area medical professionals, environmental health supervisors, and infectious disease experts.

We have communicable disease plans in place that will be updated based on information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the local/state Health Departments, World Health Organization, American Camp Association (ACA), North Carolina Youth Camp Association (NCYCA), and best practices among camps in our close-knit camp community. These trusted resources will continue to inform our decision making.

Believing that these important mitigation measures will positively influence the course of the virus, we continue to prepare to welcome staff and campers for another summer filled with friends, activities, and fun.

Below are some daily routines we will continue and options we are considering bolstering for this summer:

  • Health Screening practices before camp starts. Communicating with parents and staff about a delayed arrival if an individual has symptoms of fever, cough and/or shortness of breath, or if there is a known exposure to COVID-19 or any other illness within 24-hours of Opening Day.

  • Entrance screenings on Opening Day. Checking temperatures of every person in a vehicle. Individuals who arrive at camp with a fever or symptoms will not be allowed to exit their vehicle or stay at camp. Staggering Opening Day arrival to accommodate this.

  • Emphasize good hand washing and cough etiquette during Staff Training. Teach symptoms of illness and methods of transmission.

  • Teach staff to evaluate themselves every morning for any illness symptoms, and monitor campers for illness symptoms. They or their campers will check in with the health staff at the first sign of illness.

  • Should a member of the camp community become ill or injured, our infirmary has multiple wards to isolate patients of varying ages, gender, and symptoms.

  • Continue to wipe down surfaces regularly, with a checklist during daily cabin inspection. Additional wipe down of handles and common surfaces in the cabins after Lights-Out to allow for sanitizer to air dry.

  • In addition to soap and water, accessible hand sanitizer added outside each cabin, for use before entering and exiting the cabin.

  • The common bathrooms at the Lodge, Gym, and Dining Hall are cleaned daily by a professional cleaning service.

  • Handwashing is expected prior to every meal. Campers and staff walk through the handwashing station before entering the Dining Hall.

  • Implement additional handwashing after meals, as people have been touching their mouths.

  • Evaluate our mealtime procedures, food distribution, and table cleanup.

  • Continue communicating with local health officials to inform our decisions

  • Continue to keep beds at the recommended distance apart required by the Health Department.

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