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Check out some frequently asked questions below. If you have a different question about working at Falling Creek Camp this summer, please let us know if there is anything we can clarify. You may also call the camp office at (828) 692-0262.

Is Falling Creek near a city?

There are several cities near Falling Creek, but Falling Creek itself is very rural. About 20 minutes away is Hendersonville, NC. It has pretty much everything you’d need on a visit to town: Banks, laundry, food, restaurants, car repair, etc.

Asheville, NC and Greenville, SC are about 50 minutes away. They have great downtowns, tons of restaurants, and awesome art and music scenes.

Check out our suggestions for things to do around the Hendersonville/Asheville area, or the Traveler’s Rest/Greenville, SC area.

Can I bring my car?

Yes. It is actually advantageous to have a car since we are a 15-20 minute drive from town. We also have staff parking areas. Be prepared for a bumpy, gravel road going in-and-out of camp. Cars are also parked outside all summer.

If you don’t have a car, no worries! Usually about 15 staff are scheduled for each time-off period. Most are more than happy to carpool and offer each other rides.

My coach gave me a summer workout plan. Is there somewhere to work out?

Counselors frequently work out in the mornings before the wakeup bell, or they involve campers in their workouts at freetime. We offer several “fitness” activities for staff. Camp has many miles of beautiful trails and camp facilities to take advantage of.

Is room & board included?

Yes, we provide three meals a day while you are working and assign you a cabin to live. We provide sheets and blankets, but not pillows or towels. You can sleep and eat here on your time off, as well. Though most breaks between sessions we ask that you eat in town, because our kitchen closes so they can have time off as well.

Where will I live?

Cabins are rustic wood structures with screen windows. Each cabin has a private bathroom with a shower, toilet, sink, and hot water. It’s not the Ritz, but it’s a pretty nice place to live for the summer.

Do I have to lead devotion talks at night with the campers?

We ask you to facilitate a cabin reflection at night with your campers, which we call “Evening Embers”. We provide you with fun questions to ask them about their day, things to think about, and other topics to help facilitate a group discussion. Falling Creek is based on Christian values, and we have a camp wide daily Morning Watch and also Sunday church service. However, many religious backgrounds are represented at camp. Falling Creek is not evangelical. We ask that staff lead by example reflecting the highest moral character.

What do you mean I can’t carry my cell phone?

Camp is a “Technology Free Zone.” We ask that you leave your phones and computers either in your car or in the Counselor Lair under the Dining Hall. Phones cannot be kept in the cabins with your campers. Every counselor has their own cubby with an individual outlet in the Lair, so you can leave your computer and phone to charge safely. It is also one of the only weatherized rooms in camp, so it is the safest place for your electronics, away from humidity and the elements. Our campers are not allowed to use phones or the internet – it’s part of being away from home and our goal of being unplugged. We ask that you only use electronics away from campers and on your time off.

Is there internet access?

The Counselor Lair and Dining Hall have wireless internet, and it remains on until midnight so you can use it on your evening time off. We have a few computers available for you if you don’t have a laptop. Remember, we are “in the boonedocks,” and are lucky to have a T-1 line. It’s not your college campus, so bandwidth can become limited when everyone is online at night.

Can I bring my puppy?

Short answer; no. Longer answer; we have a no-pet policy at camp. This means no dogs, cats, snakes, iguanas, hamsters, birds, fish, insects, or anything else not listed here, etc. If you want more explanation, you can contact us about it; however, there are no exceptions for summer staff.