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Cabin Lines

The Meaning and Values Behind Our Cabin Groupings
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From youngest to oldest, our Lines are Sorrel, Tsuga, Robinia, and Betula. Samara is the staff Line for counselors who don't live in cabins with campers.

Campers’ cabins are divided into four different groups by age, known as ‘Lines.’

From youngest to oldest, the Lines are Sorrel, Tsuga, Robinia, and Betula. Samara is the fifth Line for counselors who do not live in a cabin with campers. Each of the four camper Lines corresponds with a specific value from the Falling Creek Camp Code (Positive Attitude, Servant’s Heart, Moral Compass, and Warrior Spirit).

Each summer, boys return and move through the Lines as they age, following a unique path where they will embrace these Code Values throughout their time at Falling Creek. These Lines combine to make up the complete Falling Creek Camp experience, as campers progress on their journey from boys to young men.

Read on to learn the meanings and values behind each Line, and see how each group corresponds to a part of our existing Falling Creek Code!

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Sorrel comes from the nickname for the Sourwood Tree. This line embraces Positive Attitude.


Positive Attitude: the Youngest Line

Sorrels traverse their journey with contagious joy and a fun, carefree attitude. They haven’t covered much ground yet, so they find awe in their surroundings and are naturally curious, growing rapidly with each new experience. Sorrels celebrate their uniqueness and rejoice in the sweetness of life every step of the way.

This Line embraces the Positive Attitude value of the FCC Code. Sorrels will look to spread happiness to all they interact with.

Sorrel Meaning – This Line is named after the Sourwood tree (Oxydendrum arboreum), which is known for its sweet honey. Just as the Sourwood is the only member of its genus (Oxydendrum), members of this Line celebrate what makes them unique.

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Tsuga is named after the Carolina Hemlock (Tsuga caroliniana). This line embraces Servant's Heart.


Servant’s Heart: the Second Youngest Line

Tsugas are always ready to help as they continue their growth in the Falling Creek Camp Code. They are kind, friendly and unselfish, prioritizing loyalty and friendship. While they still have much of their journey ahead of them, they are considerate of others and eager to share the knowledge they have learned so far with their fellow campers.

This Line embraces the Servant’s Heart value of the FCC Code. Tsugas are always happy to lend a hand to others.

Tsuga Meaning – This Line is named for the Carolina Hemlock (Tsuga caroliniana), which helps increase the quality of its surrounding streams and water table. Just as the Carolina Hemlock shares nutrients and water through it roots with other trees, members of this Line never hesitate to help out.

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Robinia is named after the Black Locust (Robinia pseudoacacia). This line embraces Moral Compass.


Moral Compass: the Second Oldest Line

Robinias grow strong in their environments and are becoming hardy and adaptive from the skills they have learned. They use their actions for good and are virtuous, honest and diligent. They believe in themselves, give thoughtful advice and make good choices. While in this Line, campers learn the importance of finding strength in their weaknesses and owning their decisions.

This Line embraces the Moral Compass value of the FCC Code. Robinias prioritize honor, virtue and integrity.

Robinia Meaning – This Line is name after the thorny Black Locust tree (Robinia pseudoacacia), which is sturdy, upright and seeks the light. Members of this Line are reliable, diligent and dependable.

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Betula is named after the Yellow Birch (Betula alleghaniensis). This line embraces Warrior Spirit.


Warrior Spirit: the Oldest Line

Betulas are the most seasoned of the camper Lines and as such are noble, confident and persevering. They are pioneers who create new beginnings for those who come behind them, while leading by example and sharing their considerable knowledge with others. They are adventurous and courageous, constantly expanding their horizons.

This Line embraces the Warrior Spirit value of the FCC Code. Betulas are passionate and bold and welcome new challenges.

Betula Meaning – This Line is named after the Yellow Birch (Betula alleghaniensis), a pioneer species that paves the way in the forest for others to grow. The tree’s wood can be used to start a fire or be made into a canoe, just as members of this line have a spark that spreads to others and are adventurous by nature.

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Our staff Line is named for the Red Maple’s winged fruit, which carry the tree’s seeds on the wind to find new areas to take root.


(for staff who don’t live in a cabin with campers)

Samaras are nurturing, mature, resourceful and wise. Through their extensive experience, Samaras have learned that patience and hard work reaps lasting rewards. The Samara Line is full of role models and leaders who share their wisdom and nurture our camp community.

This Line has mastered the values of the Falling Creek Camp Code. Samaras embrace them all and pass them on to the campers who they help guide.

Samara Meaning – This Line is named after the Red Maple (Acer rubrum). Samaras are the Red Maple’s winged fruit, which carry the tree’s seeds on the wind to find new areas to take root. Members of this Line support campers and help them grow in ways they wouldn’t be able to on their own.

Our leadership staff for each Line are known as Line Heads. Falling Creek is a camp founded on Christian values, and we have always prided ourselves on being a place of belonging and brotherhood. We know that these cabin groups will continue to uphold the existing values of the Falling Creek Code, and we’re excited that these Line names and descriptions help to highlight those attributes throughout a camper or counselor’s Falling Creek journey! Behold!