Full Camp Video

The 14 minute, 34 second long full Falling Creek camp video. Buckle in, camp is a blast!

Will the Circle Be Unbroken

Candlelight Campfire, June Camp 2019

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Wild Wild West!

Hundreds of boys, acres of “game map”, four teams, two camp colors, one winner. This is Wild Wild West!

Cabin Overnights

Cabin Overnights are a time for silliness, s’mores, and sleepovers! They offer a chance for boys to hike out as a cabin group, prepare fajitas (and s’mores) outdoors, get to know each other better through discussions around the campfire, and fall asleep to the sound of crickets and cicadas throughout our woods.

A Window Into Camp: An Opportunity to Think

North Carolina is an excellent place to go adventuring! But, beyond the obvious fun, why is this important to us at Falling Creek? Boys need time away – from technology, from competition, from the fast paced life that has become “normal.” So, when was the last time your son had time to think?

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Planting “Seed Bombs” at the F.A.R.M.

F.A.R.M. stands for Food, Animals, Repurposing, and Manpower. These four areas are what make up the program: we have 15 raised beds for planting, a flock of chickens, lessons on recycling or reusing compost in our black soldierfly larvae tub, and plenty of opportunity for manpower to improve the garden or clean the coop.

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A Window Into Camp: An Enduring Adventure

Once a camper who had never been paddling, and now the head of the paddling program, Taylor Barker is just one of many boys who came to camp with wide eyes and great expectations. Camp is a safe and encouraging environment for boys to grow in, and they do grow…

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Father/Son Weekend

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