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Opening Day

Our Opening Day drop off process is one in which parents remain in their vehicle. We’ve created an informative video you may watch with your son(s), which you may watch here (or view at the bottom of this page), so that everyone knows what to expect on Opening Day (please note the video was created for the 2021 season and may depict some activities that may not occur in 2022 and beyond, such as temperature checks). Our counselors will work with the boys to ensure they get settled in with their belongings and engaged with their cabin mates. Beds will already be made and the boys can add their personal touches to their bunks.

Please arrive between 9:00am and 11:30am. If your family is traveling in more than one car, please carpool from a nearby gas station (Hwy 25, Exit 3) to reduce traffic on Opening and Closing Days.

We realize that meeting your son’s counselor can give you a sense of their personality and leadership style in the cabin group. We are sorry that we are not going to do this in-person this summer. Visit “Meet Our Staff” in the “My FCC” section of the website for introductions of our amazing staff. While it is true that the staff member and campers in the cabin group will share in daily activities together, the campers will interact and engage with many more influential counselors in the camp community throughout each day, who are here to help him succeed. We are proud of all the members of our team, and each has been hand-picked for this summer. We stand behind the training they receive, their character, and their skills. We have thoughtfully placed them with certain cabin groups.

Arrival and Greeting

Plan to arrive at camp via our main entrance off Green River Road (exit 3 off highway 25). Upon arrival you will be greeted by Falling Creek Camp staff who will ask your camper’s name(s) and provide you with a packet including:

  • A dash sign with the name(s) of your camper(s), to be placed on the driver’s side dashboard of the car,
  • Nametag(s) for your camper(s),
  • Trunk tags for up to 2 pieces of luggage such as a trunk and duffle bag or frame backpack (keep these tags ready for luggage drop-off),
  • Opening Day checklist of the stops to make during drop-off and things to know once you leave camp.

You will be directed to proceed up the mountain to the next stop, Health Screening. We recommend placing your car in low gear and keeping a slow-steady pace during the climb. Be sure to catch the view of Falling Creek Falls along the way.


There will be a stop for dropping off medications for camp and/or for speaking with a nurse. More detail will be provided in the Opening Day checklist.

  • No medications and no need to speak with a nurse, OR medications filled by local pharmacy, Whitley Drugs and no need to speak to a nurse: Proceed direct to trunk drop-off.
  • Medications packaged according to guidelines and in gallon-sized baggies with camper name, ready for drop-off; No need to speak to a nurse: Proceed to express medication drop-off
  • No medications but want to speak to a nurse: Proceed to medical team line
  • Medications and want to speak to a nurse: Proceed to medical team line


Trunks/large luggage will be removed from your car at the trunk drop-off stop. Please have the trunk/luggage nametag stickers ready for the staff. Trunks/Luggage will be delivered to the cabins. Please pack your car so the trunk/luggage is easily accessible. Also, please remove the wheels from trunks before arrival as they often get lost.

We are asking that all camper belongings be contained in the trunk and no more than one additional bag, such as a duffle. Any additional items over two, the camper should be able to carry to the cabin themselves such as a pillow, their frame backpack, a sports gear bag, or day pack.

Camper Drop-Off

If trunks are shipped to camp and your camper has no additional luggage, you will be directed to camper drop-off.

Campers will exit the car in the Visitor Parking Lot and connected with other members of their Line at the gym area. From there, they will be escorted to their cabin to join their cabin mates and counselor(s) to begin settling in, meeting new friends, and having fun!

For us to keep cars moving to accommodate everyone’s timely arrival, please do not linger at the camper drop-off! Be prepared to say good-byes and know that your camper will be united with his cabin mates and counselors quickly.

Opening Day Health Concerns

In the interest of a healthy camp community, if your son has a fever or is sick within 24-hours of Opening Day, please contact camp to discuss next steps.


If it is suspected that your son may have been exposed to head lice prior to camp, please perform a lice treatment before arrival and notify the medical staff about your concern. A head check for lice may be obtained from your local doctor or a treatment center such as Lice Clinics of America. All campers will have their heads checked for lice on Opening Day. If a camper comes to camp with lice, we will arrange for professional care. The cost of this treatment is $249, payable to the third-party provider. Parents will be responsible for the cost of treatment.

Travel by Air

Please see our Travel by Air webpage for more details if your son will be flying in.

What to expect on Opening Day?

See what the first day of camp is like, through the eyes of a first-year camper!

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