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Opening Day

Opening Day for 2024 includes being able to park and enjoy a brief visit to camp when you drop-off your son(s). If your family is traveling in more than one car, please carpool from a nearby gas station (Hwy 25, Exit 3) as parking is limited. Carpooling is encouraged.

Please arrive between 8:30am and 11:30am.

Arrival and Greeting

Welcome to the mountains of North Carolina! Please plan to arrive at camp via our main entrance off Green River Road (exit 3 off highway 25). Upon arrival you will be greeted by Falling Creek Camp staff who will ask the name of your camper(s) and provide you with:

  • Nametag(s) for your camper(s),
  • Trunk tags for a piece of luggage such as a trunk and duffle bag or frame backpack (keep these tags ready for luggage drop-off),
  • Opening Day checklist of the stops to make before parking and things to know once you leave camp.

You will be directed to proceed up the mountain. We recommend placing your car in low gear and keeping a slow-steady pace during the climb. Be sure to catch the view of Falling Creek Falls along the way.


Trunks/large luggage will be removed from your car at the trunk drop-off stop. Please have the trunk/luggage nametag stickers ready for the staff. Trunks/Luggage will be delivered to the cabins later in the morning so don’t plan to wait. Please pack your car so the trunk/luggage is easily accessible. Also, please remove the wheels from trunks before arrival as they often get lost.

We ask that all camper belongings that we are transporting to be contained in a trunk or duffle. Any additional items the family/camper should be able to carry to the cabin themselves such as a pillow, their frame backpack, a sports gear bag, or day pack.

If trunks are shipped to camp and your camper has no additional luggage, you will be directed to park.


Prior to parking, there will be a stop for dropping off medications for camp and/or for speaking with a nurse. More detail will be provided in the Opening Day checklist.

After you park, you will be directed to your son’s cabin to meet his cabin counselor.

Do Not Linger!

A common question we hear from parents is: “How long should we stay?” It is recommended that parents not linger so the boys may quickly integrate into Opening Day activities and begin settling into camp and getting to know their counselors and cabinmates as soon as possible. We will assist you in the case of a difficult separation.

Immediately after you meet the counselor(s), your son will be able to join organized games and activities. This is your cue to say your goodbyes.

We have limited parking on the mountain so please help us to keep cars moving from parking areas to accommodate everyone’s timely arrival.

Get to Know Your Son’s Counselors

Campers find out who their counselors are once they arrive at camp. Visit “Meet Our Staff” in the “My FCC” section of the website for introductions of our amazing staff. Counselors will write a brief welcome note to you once they are settled in with their cabin group. We will post the note to your CampInTouch account early in the first week of camp. You will receive your first more detailed Parent Letter at the beginning of week 2 of camp. It will also be posted in your CampInTouch account, and we will communicate via email when it is available.

While it is true that the staff member and campers in the cabin group will share in daily activities together, the campers will interact and engage with many more influential counselors in the camp community throughout each day, who are here to help him succeed. We are proud of all the members of our team, and each has been hand-picked for this summer. We stand behind the training they receive, their character, and their skills. We have thoughtfully placed them with certain cabin groups.

Opening Day Health Concerns

In the interest of a healthy camp community, if your son has a fever or is sick within 24-hours of Opening Day, please contact camp to discuss next steps.


If it is suspected that your son may have been exposed to head lice prior to camp, please perform a lice treatment before arrival and notify the medical staff about your concern. A head check for lice may be obtained from your local doctor or a treatment center such as Lice Clinics of America. All campers will have their heads checked for lice on Opening Day. If a camper comes to camp with lice, we will arrange for professional care. The cost of this treatment is $249, payable to the third-party provider. Parents will be responsible for the cost of treatment.

Travel by Air

Please see our Travel by Air webpage for more details if your son will be flying in.

What to expect on Opening Day?

See what the first day of camp is like, through the eyes of a first-year camper!

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