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Opening Day

To assist in preparing for Opening Day, please watch the Your Guide to Opening Day video below.

Please arrive between 9:00am and 11:30am. If your family is traveling in more than one car, please carpool from gas station nearest camp (Hwy 25, Exit 3) as parking is limited on Opening and Closing Days. Carpooling is encouraged.

Your son’s trunk/large luggage will be removed from your car as you are arriving (before you park) and delivered to his cabin. Please pack your car so the trunk is easily accessible. Also, please remove the wheels from the trunk before arrival as they often get lost.

After you park, you will be directed to your son’s cabin to meet his cabin counselor and cabinmates. If your son takes daily medication, you, along with your son, will need to check in with the nurses in the Infirmary and they will go over your son’s medications.

Communicate any changes to your son’s health since you filled out his online forms to the nurses at the Infirmary. In the afternoon, campers are given a non-invasive health check to to help ensure a healthy community.

Do not linger! A common question we hear from parents is: “How long should we stay?” It is recommended that parents not linger after dropping off their sons, so the boys may quickly integrate into Opening Day activities, begin settling into camp, and start getting to know their counselors and cabinmates. There is more time to look around camp on Closing Day.

Immediately after you meet the counselor(s), your son will be able to join organized games and activities. This is your cue to say your goodbyes at the cabin. If your son will take daily medication at camp, or has health concerns you need to discuss with the medical staff, be sure you have visited the Infirmary with your son before saying goodbye.

Opening Day Health Concerns

In the interest of a healthy camp community, if your son has a fever or is sick within 24-hours of Opening Day, please contact camp to make arrangements for a late arrival.


If it is suspected that your son may have been exposed to head lice prior to camp, please perform a lice treatment before arrival and notify the Infirmary staff about your concern. A head check for lice may be obtained from your local doctor or a treatment center such as Pediatric Hair Solutions. All campers will have their heads checked for lice on Opening Day. If a camper comes to camp with lice, we will arrange for professional care. The cost of this treatment is $350, payable to the third-party provider. Parents will be responsible for the cost of treatment.

Your Guide to Opening Day at Falling Creek!

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