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Camper Q&A

What Do I Need To Pack?

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When you pack your trunk, make sure you have at least 10 outfits, one for each day of the week, plus a few extra days. At camp, you will have laundry done once a week with the rest of your cabin, during June, Main, and 2-Week Camp sessions. However, there will be times you will get wet or dirty and have to change during the day.

Besides clothes for everyday activities, you will also need bathing suits, rain gear, Green and Gold t-shirts, and maybe even some silly clothes for fun themed days. Themed days could include Tropical Tuesdays, crazy hat day, camo day, pirate day, neon day - the possibilities are endless!

Other than clothing and the necessities on your packing list, (you don’t want to forget essentials, like a pillow, a flashlight, and of course, your toothbrush!), some campers like to bring additional things to camp to help keep them comfortable. This could include a book to read during rest hour (though we have a full library if you forget yours!), a mini battery powered fan, your favorite stuffed animal, an Eno hammock for relaxing in during Free-Time, or a fun card game for cabin nights. These are certainly not necessary, but can be nice to have.

Your parents can help you find the checklists in the Parent Handbook to help pack for camp. They will also get the packing lists emailed to them. Don’t forget to put your name on everything you bring to camp! That way if you lose it, we can help you reunite with your lost items.

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