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Cabin Placement

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Get to Know Your Son’s Counselors

Campers find out who their counselors are once they arrive at camp. Visit “Meet Our Staff” in the “My FCC” section of the website for introductions of our amazing staff. Counselors will write a brief welcome note to you once they are settled in with their cabin group. We will post the note to your CampInTouch account early in the first week of camp. You will receive your first more detailed Parent Letter at the beginning of week 2 of camp. It will also be posted in your CampInTouch account and we will communicate via email when it is available.

Cabin Placement

One of the benefits of a camp experience involves meeting and making new friends from different places. Falling Creek Camp encourages campers to attend without concern for hometown buddies. We will carefully consider a mutual request (each boy must request the other) for boys of similar age and grade. No more than two campers from the same geographic area will be placed in the same cabin. We prefer campers to be placed in cabins with other boys in the same grade because of maturity and shared experiences. We will not place campers more than a grade apart in the same cabin. All cabin requests need to be communicated to camp in writing 30 days prior to the start of a session. Email requests to . We do not make exceptions to our cabin placement policies. We are happy to help with solutions for cabin mates.

Learn about more about the meanings and values behind our Cabin Lines.

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