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Staying in Touch

No Package Policy

(please share with family members)

In the interest of creating a non-materialistic camp community, fairness, allergy concerns, and to the relief of many parents, Falling Creek has a no package policy. Any packages received that are larger than a standard (letter-size) envelope will be returned to the sender or held in the office until the end of camp. This includes books and magazines. We encourage families to donate reading materials to our camp library for the benefit of the entire Falling Creek community.

Please inform family and friends and remind them not to send food, candy, or gum in letters. If your son forgets to pack an essential item, contact the camp office. We have a grace period of the first few days of camp for receiving forgotten essential items. The package must be pre-approved by the camp office. Your son will open the package in the camp office and only be allowed to keep the essential item. Please adhere to the no package policy. It is very disappointing for a package to arrive for a camper and for him to not be able to keep it if it is a non-essential item.


Attending summer camp provides a unique opportunity for boys to gain independence and self-reliance. Therefore, we have a no visitation policy.

CampInTouch Online and the Campanion Mobile App

The CampInTouch system allows you to complete your son’s online forms, view photos from each day at camp, and send one-way emails to your camper(s) that we print out for them.

To reach the site without using the app, visit www.fallingcreek.com and go to the My FCC section found on the top left side of the home page. Your email address is your username. If you don’t know your password, click “Retrieve Password”. If you get locked out of your account, call (828.692.0262) or email () the camp office and we will unlock your account and send you a link to reset your password.

Download the new Campanion mobile app (note the spelling) from the app store for access to many CampInTouch functions from your phone, including preparing for camp and getting fun updates and photos of your camper right to your phone. To get started using the app, follow these simple steps:

  • Download the Campanion app from the app store
  • Use your CampInTouch account email and password to log in
  • Complete online forms and upload paper forms right in the app (note the Physician’s Exam and Insurance and Authorization Forms should only be 1-page each)
  • Upload a “training photo” for facial recognition for your campers. This will enable the app to send you photos of your camper during the summer
  • Ensure you have push notification enabled within your phone settings so you can receive important camp updates

Please contact CampMinder for technical support for CampInTouch and the Companion App, 303.444.2267.

Mail & Phone

Mail should be sent to PO Box 98, Tuxedo, North Carolina 28784. Please include your son’s cabin name or number on the envelope. You will get your son’s cabin assignment on Opening Day. If you send mail prior to Opening Day, your son will receive it on Monday after Opening Day. Please note that our mailing and shipping addresses are different. Please send mail to the post office box. Cards and letters for your son may be left with us on Opening Day at a designated spot (likely as you exit camp). Be sure to have them ready and in a sealable plastic bag with your son’s name on it since this year will be a drop-off scenario. We will distribute them according to your instructions beginning on the Monday following Opening Day.

You may call us at any time during camp at 828.692.0262. If we are not available, please leave a message and we will return your call as soon as possible.

We are happy to speak with you and will work with you to ensure your son has a positive and successful experience at camp. Direct phone calls to campers are not allowed, and campers are not allowed to call home. We have found that phone calls interfere with a camper’s adjustment and scheduled activities. We encourage you to communicate with your child through letters and one-way emails which are delivered to campers each day after lunch.

It is recommended you send pre-addressed/stamped envelopes, in a sealable plastic bag (to protect from moisture), to camp with your camper. If requested, our office will scan and email letters home for international campers and for parents traveling.

Email & Online Photos

Falling Creek offers access to daily photos of camp life and allows you the option to send one-way emails to your child. To reach the site, go to the Login area of our home page. Follow the directions on the login page to access your family’s information. The nominal charge for “CampStamps” helps offset our costs to provide the email service.

An unlimited number of photos may be downloaded using the Campanion App, at no charge. Photo downloads, prints, and photo gifts may also be ordered through the CampInTouch application based on the application’s pricing. Again, photos downloaded using the Campanion App are free. Photos downloaded from your CampInTouch account are not free.

Social Media Policy

Campers and staff may not post words, photos, or videos that may reflect negatively on camp, other campers, or staff members. It is each parent’s responsibility to monitor his/her son’s Facebook page and other social media outlets. We have staff guidelines regarding social media use and interaction with campers outside of camp. We cannot be responsible for staff/camper interaction outside of your camper’s camp session.