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To assist in preparing your son for camp, please watch the How to Help Homesickness at Camp video.

Homesickness may occur during the first few days of camp. Explain to your son that this is normal. Our staff members are alert to boys that are homesick and will work with them. Homesickness routinely disappears after a few days.

You may receive a sad and/or negative letter from your son (or several), especially if he is homesick the first few days of camp. Usually, subsequent letters are more positive and upbeat. If you are worried or concerned, contact the camp office. We will check on your son and give you a full report.

When you write to your son, it is helpful to center your attention on what the child is doing at camp rather than detailed accounts of what is happening at home. In all cases, be sure to set a positive and encouraging tone when sending notes to your son.

You, as a parent, need to be ready for your child to go to camp. You may also feel pangs of “homesickness” for your son. Don’t make “bargains” with your child by telling him that if he doesn’t like camp or is homesick, you will come get him. This sets your son up for failure and a lack of serious effort to give camp a chance. If your son thinks there is a chance you will come get him, that is what he will focus on.

Part of the camp experience is for a child to learn self-sufficiency and self-confidence. A camp experience provides a child the opportunity to learn the give and take of cabin living with a group and to develop interpersonal relationships. Know that your child is in good hands and we monitor his adjustment and well-being. Help us make this a positive-growth experience by supporting and encouraging him to try new things and take advantage of all Falling Creek has to offer.

Homesickness at Camp

How to help your son have a great time this summer!