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Camper Q&A

Who Will Be My Counselor?

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We have an incredible group of counselors this summer who are all fun, friendly, nice, and great instructors. No matter who your cabin counselor is, we know they’ll be a great one! You’ll meet your counselor when you arrive at camp. He will be waiting in the cabin to greet you and help you get unpacked. You will have one or two counselors, depending on your cabin.

These counselors will be there for you all summer as your friends, older “brothers and sisters”, teachers, helpers, caretakers, and even mentors. Your cabin counselors are there to help you and enjoy camp together with you, but there are many people in camp to assist you - even if they are not your cabin counselor. You and your parents can ask your cabin counselors any questions when you meet them on Opening Day - they will be looking forward to getting to know you as well!

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