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Health Forms

In an effort to create a happy and healthy camp community for your son, it is critical that you complete his health forms by the due date. We request that the Health Form be filled out online and the Physician’s Examination Form be downloaded for completion by the physician and faxed back or uploaded back into your son’s account once completed. The fax number is on the form and no cover sheets are needed. Our medical staff reviews all forms prior to Opening Day. Campers will not be allowed to remain at camp without completed health forms. If your son’s physical is scheduled for a time after the due date of the Physician’s Examination Form, that is okay. Submit the form when completed. In this case, complete all other forms by the due date.

Please have the physician complete the camp Physician’s Examination Form as it meets our accreditation standards.

Health Insurance and Authorization Form

If campers are covered by a health insurance policy provided by their parents, insurance information should be provided on our Insurance & Authorization Form in your CampInTouch account. Please note that the form in your camper’s online record is uniquely barcoded for your son. If a family chooses a self-pay option for medical care, complete the Insurance & Authorization form and indicate “self-pay” where insurance information is requested.

Copy the front and back of your insurance card onto the Insurance & Authorization Form. Please do not send a separate attachment.

The form also requires a signature as it authorizes medical treatment for your son in the unlikely event that it may be required. The form may be faxed back to us (number on the form), scanned and emailed to, or uploaded directly to your son’s CampInTouch account.

Dining Hall & Nutrition

Our camp community is served three well-balanced meals each day. Fruit is available as a snack throughout the day in the Dining Hall, and we serve a milk & cookie snack most evenings.

We do not limit any of the food offered to campers or staff. If your son has a food allergy, we work to offer substitutions. We do not make modifications for food preference as we offer a variety of food options.

Because we eat family style, have cookouts, buffets, and offer a salad bar, it is Falling Creek’s expectation that by sending your son to camp, you are asserting to us that your child has knowledge of their diet and can manage their food choices.

Falling Creek Camp cannot guarantee campers or staff will not come in contact with foods he/she may be allergic to, or other allergens (see Allergen Policy). If your child has a severe allergy or dietary restriction, contact the camp directors to discuss if Falling Creek Camp is properly equipped to manage it.

Allergen Policy

Falling Creek Camp uses the following guidelines pertaining to allergens in the food offered:

We are conscious of the ingredients in all our meals as it pertains to allergens. Menu items served at meals in the Dining Hall and at cookouts that contain known allergens of campers and staff are listed on an allergy board. We consider a food item to contain an allergen if it is listed in the ingredients or the item’s packaging states language such as it “may contain” the allergen or is “made on shared equipment”. We do not consider a food item to contain an allergen if the item’s packaging states language such as it is “processed in a factory that also processes” the allergen.

Substitutions for the main course and dessert are offered.

In addition to the meal served, our salad bar/breakfast bar contains a variety of rotating items, that include items such as hummus, garbanzo beans, edamame, tuna, eggs, and sunflower seeds. We serve milk and sugar cookies most evenings (substitutions for allergens are offered). We also make soy butter and rice milk available. These options are not listed on the allergy board. Campers and staff should be aware of the risk of cross-contamination that can occur in this setting.

For meals eaten out of the dining hall on trips and pack outs, substitutions are given to those with dietary restrictions when appropriate.