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Camper Leadership Programs

F.L.I.N.T. and S.T.E.E.L.

Developing Young Leaders:

At Falling Creek, we pride ourselves in being able to create opportunities for young men to develop leadership skills. As campers mature, responsibility around camp and opportunities for leadership increase. For our rising 11th and 12th grade campers, we have two leadership programs, created to build off of their existing camp experience, and help transition them towards college, work, or returning as a counselor at Falling Creek.

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Forging Leaders INTentionally

FLINT is for boys who have completed 10th grade. Campers in this age group are still regular campers with the freedom to sign up for the activities or trips of their choice. They may continue to work on their progressions in various activities, including leadership components for the rank of Ranger or Warrior. Components of the FLINT program are intentionally designed to foster leadership, service, responsibility, and teamwork. They include:

  • Induction Ceremony.
  • Special day trip for FLINT group.
  • Serving milk and cookies to camp community after evening programs.
  • Leadership role in planning special events.
  • Mentoring with their FLINT leaders, and discussing leadership development.
  • Building and tending the community campfire for Sunday night campfires.

FLINT campers are eligible to apply to the STEEL program for the following summer.

There were four years between my last year as a campers and my first year as a CIT (now called Men of STEEL). I have vivid a memory of sitting at Morning Watch staring up at the trees. It was so surreal, I couldn’t believe that I was back in this place but older and now exploring this new role in the community as CIT. As much fun as being a camper was, nothing compared to what it was like being a counselor to my boys.

Reed M. / Bowling Green, KY

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Summer Training Encouraging Emerging Leaders

STEEL is our camper leadership program formerly known as Counselor-in-Training (CIT), which takes place during Main Camp. It is for former Falling Creek campers who have completed 11th grade. The selection process is highly competitive and space is limited. It is an honor to be selected to join the STEEL program and marks the final summer as a FCC camper. Not all applicants will be offered spaces.

STEEL is intentionally designed to foster leadership, service, responsibility, and teamwork. Here are a few highlights:

  • Applicants go through a selection process similar to a job interview.
  • Selection is limited to a small program size.
  • Participants live together in a cabin with their peers and an experienced counselor.
  • Experiencing an induction ceremony.
  • Evaluation with their STEEL mentors to monitor leadership development.
  • Opportunities to gain hands-on leadership skills while assisting counselors in activities
  • Training leadership, patience, and communication by working with younger campers in a cabin setting.
  • Serving ice cream sundaes after lunch on Sundays.
  • Taking a leadership role in planning an “all-camp” special event.
  • Enjoying a weekly “day off” to bond with other STEEL participants and mentors.

After completion of the STEEL program, participants are asked to take a summer off to gain experience in another setting. As freshman in college we welcome them to apply to become FCC staff members.

It is possible to return to camp in the summer after 12th grade. Our dining service team, known as DASH, works during the summer in the “dash” between Camper and Counselor. In this program, they have the opportunity to experience a different sort of work “behind-the-scenes” in the kitchen at camp while getting paid. You can find more information on becoming a member of DASH in our Staff section.