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Camper Q&A

What’s A Typical Day At Camp Like?

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Every weekday, during the June, Main, and 2-Week Camp session, Monday through Friday has the same schedule outline… but with fun activities, exciting trips, and special signup activities, each day is very different! At summer camp, you get to choose how you want to fill you day, and what trips you want to go on.

Our Junior Camp Program runs differently and is more structured for beginner campers. You will have the opportunity to sample about 16-18 traditional camp activities during our 6-day Junior Camp session.

When you get to camp for June, Main, and 2-Week Camp sessions, you’ll sign up for six of your favorite activities to do each day. You can always change these later if you wish, and any time you sign up for a trip or a special signup activity, just leave your schedule behind and jump right back in when you return!

After waking up and gathering as a community at Morning Watch, we start the day with a hearty breakfast and an exciting Morning Assembly on the porch! Then it’s off to the first three activities of the day, followed by a period of Free Choice before lunch. Rest Hour happens after lunch, so you can recharge before the three activities in the afternoon. Then there is another Free Choice period, dinner, and a fun Evening Program! A typical day ends with Milk and Cookies, and Evening Embers with your cabin mates to talk about the day’s adventures. Everyone is tired and happy by the time it’s Lights Out, and the next day we do it all over again!

Saturdays and Sundays are a little different at camp, and with everyone back in camp from their trips, the weekends offer a fun change of pace as a whole camp community. During the week, you have an opportunity to participate in regular activities and go on out-of-camp trips. Weekends are a time to participate in group games, tournaments, races, skit practices, and other things that don’t usually fit into the normal daily activity time. You can participate or cheer on your friends!

Saturdays are also when we play all-camp games like:

  • Wild Wild West
  • Deep Woods Capture the Flag
  • Zombie Apocalypse
  • Fire Battle
  • …and more!

Sunday morning is a time for reflection, and everyone gathers in the campfire area for a church service. Sunday afternoons we enjoy ice cream sundaes, and Sunday evenings are a time for the camp community to come together and enjoy a traditional campfire program.

For a detailed look at a day-in-the-life at camp, check out our daily schedule for June, Main, and 2-Week Camp session, or our Junior Camp Program.

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