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Camper Q&A

How Do I Sign Up For Activities?

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At Falling Creek, you get to choose your own adventure! When you arrive at camp for our June, Main, or 2-Week Camp sessions, you will learn about our nearly 30 different activities, and be able to sign up for 6 of your favorites. After creating your customized schedule, you’ll go to those 6 activities every weekday, which can be adjusted if you feel like changing anything you’ve chosen.

Even though you’ll have a daily schedule, you won’t be limited to those 6 activities! Every day, you can also choose to sign up for any outdoor adventure trips that sound like fun to you. Whether it’s a day trip to paddle down the Green River, an overnight mountain bike trip to shred the trails at Tsali, a 3-day backpacking adventure to explore the peaks of Panthertown, or an epic 5 day climbing trip to the beautiful Linville Gorge, the choices are up to you! When you return from your trip, you’ll just plug back into your daily activity schedule, until you decide to go on another trip or do a special signup.

Don’t be afraid to ask your counselors, an activity leader, or a director if you aren’t sure how to sign up for a certain trip or an activity. We are here to answer any questions, and want to help you make the most of your summer!

Our Junior Camp Program runs differently and is more structured for beginner campers. In Junior Camp, you will have the opportunity to sample about 16-18 traditional camp activities, which you will do together with your cabin mates.

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