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Camp Fun at Home

Need a little camp fun while you wait for the summer to start?

During the months you aren’t at camp, we hope to continue to be a resource to you. Below are some camp-inspired ideas and activities to try at home!

Push-up Club!

After every Morning Assembly at camp, we have our daily push-up club! Join in from home until the summer starts!

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4th of July Popsicles!

During the 4th of July at camp, we enjoy a day of festivities with friends, including popsicles around the lake and a fireworks show. Today, Jazzy and Danielle are going to show you how to make red, white, and blue popsicles at home!

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One Match Fire

During the Keeper of the Flame journey, Journeymen have to light and tend a fire as part of their challenges. Practice lighting a one-match-fire at home!

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  • Think you know all about Falling Creek Camp? Take this quiz to test your camp trivia knowledge!
  • Have a paper airplane competition with your family! If you don’t know how to fold a paper airplane, you can use our FCC themed printable airplane template.
  • Go on a Color Walk and try to find as many natural colors as you can in your yard or on a hike! Use this Color Walk printable as a guide. Cut out the center to look through on your walk as you match colors. For example, green leaves, purple violets, yellow dandelions, etc. For each color you find, place the natural object on the matching square.
  • See how many words you can find in this Falling Creek Word Search! The words are forwards, backwards, up, and down - just not diagonal! If you get stumped, here is the answer key.
  • Exercise your brain with this Falling Creek Crossword Puzzle! You can print out the PDF version here. Don’t peek until you’re ready, but here is the Crossword Answer Key.

How to Cook an Egg

For today’s #campfunathome activity, we’ll teach you how to cook an egg two ways! Zeb, our FCC F.A.R.M. Manager explains how to crack an egg, scramble it, or boil it. Practice at home, and get ready for more cooking at the F.A.R.M. this summer!

Learn 8 Parts of the Horse

For today’s #campfunathome activity, we’re working on our horseback progressions! Did you know that to become a “Challenger” at the Falling Creek barn, you need to know 8 parts of the horse?

2 Minute Meditation

Join us for a 2 minute meditation practice while we enjoy the sounds of Falling Creek Falls. On our Facebook and Instagram stories recently, we’ve been featuring “nature moments” around camp. Today, we’re taking the time to enjoy the sounds of the falls. Taking a couple minutes to be mindful and focus on breathing can be calming and boost your mood.

Not sure where to start?

  1. Get comfortable, either seated or lying on your back.
  2. Take 3 slow breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth, breathing as deeply as you can.
  3. Return to breathing normally, but be fully conscious of each breath, and gently dismiss any other thoughts. Just enjoy the sounds of the falls.
  4. Notice every detail of how your breathing feels- from the temperature of the air, to how it enters your nose, to how it fills your lungs, and how your belly expands with each breath.
  5. After 2 minutes of focusing on your breathing and clearing your mind, notice how you feel.

Even if things feel out of our control sometimes, we can always control our breathing and take comfort in a couple mindful minutes! We can’t wait for you all to be back at camp and experiencing Falling Creek Falls in person!

  • We love fortbuilding during Evening Program, but you can also build awesome forts at home! (indoor blanket fort, backyard lean-to, cardboard box rocketship, so many possibilities!)
  • One of the steps to reach Explorer in Nature is to “Identify (10) plant species at camp, including at least one of each of the following: bushes, flowers, vines, and trees.” Can you ID ten plants in your backyard? Send us photos of any plants you see that you don’t know the name of, and we can help you ID them!
  • Learn to play your favorite camp song! With the chords G, D, Em, and C, you can play “It’s a Great Day to Be Alive”, “Country Roads,” “Rocky Top,” “Wagon Wheel,” and more! You can also make a music video and film yourself lip-syncing (or actually singing) to your favorite camp song. For some musical inspiration, visit our Music Gallery.
  • Write a letter to a camp friend. Ask us if you don’t know your camp friend’s mailing address, or if you need a camp penpal. Wilma and Marvin (the camp pigs) are looking for penpals too!
    You can write them at:
    Wilma and Marvin Pig,
    Falling Creek FARM,
    PO Box 98,
    Tuxedo NC 28784
  • Cook some camp food! Check out this video on our YouTube page on how to cook an egg at the F.A.R.M. You can also Revisit our blog post on how to make favorites like Longenecker Lumps, Cajun Kitchen Burritos, or Pluggers. Finally, our social media post from March 31st shows step by step instructions for making Pisgah Pizzas. Bonus points if you’re able to cook over a campfire in your backyard :)
  • Schedule a time to FaceTime or call your camp friends and catch up over the phone! Let us know if you don’t know your camp friends’ phone number.
  • Exercise! Start your own “push up porch” or work on progressions in the HEAT. Try out the Fitness Tests from the HEAT progressions here.
  • For another exercise challenge, try completeing the FCC Fitness Trail Circuit at home! You can see our virtual trail video and all the exercise descriptions on this blog post.
  • End the day with Evening Embers as a family, just like at camp. We have a few discussion guides from the 2019 summer, including our discussions on Joy, Anger, and Service.
  • We love taking in the views and appreciating earth’s natural beauty on our trips, but did you know you can take virtual tours of some of America’s National Parks? Explore these beautiful places here, without even leaving your couch!
  • Learn to tie the “4 Basic Knots that Everyone Should Know.” Check out this classic blog post to learn the square knot, the sheet bend, the bowline, and the tautline hitch. Need 4 more? See the follow up article that teaches the carrick bend, the timber hitch, the alpine butterfly loop, and the barrel knot.
  • Play a game of Falling Creek Bingo!
  • Not only is coloring fun, it can also reduce stress! We have some Falling Creek Coloring Pages available to download and print out below:
    Falling Creek Code Shield Coloring Page
    Warrior Spirit Coloring Page
    Moral Compass Coloring Page
    Positive Attitude Coloring Page
    Servant’s Heart Coloring Page
    Dining Hall and Lake Coloring Page
    FCC Bell Coloring Page
    Canoes Coloring Page
    Cabin Coloring Page
    Horse Coloring Page
    Camp Dog Lulu Coloring Page
    Camp Puppy Rucker Coloring Page
    Climbing Coloring Page
    Hiking Coloring Page
    Mountain View Coloring Page
    Lake Canoe Coloring Page
    Wilma the Pig Coloring Page
    FCC Chickens Coloring Page

Dad Jokes!

One of our Camper Journal week’s themes in 2020 was Positive Attitude/Optimism, and what better way to boost your mood than with some terribly cheesy “dad jokes”??

How to Change a Flat Tire

For today’s #campfunathome activity, learn how to change a flat tire on your bike! For an extra challenge, change it in under 5 minutes as practice for your “Explorer” progression in our mountain bike program. Shocktaw!

  • Try this “I Spy” challenge from the Arts & Crafts building at camp! Our crafts project got a little out of control, and now we need help finding these lost items among the art supplies. From this photo, can you find:
    3 pushpins
    a paintbrush
    an owl
    a tricycle
    a star
    3 q-tips
    a frog
    spool of thread
    a paper clip
    an apple
    a spoon
    a dime
    Once you think you’ve found them all, check the answer key!
  • Here is another “I Spy” challenge, this time from mountain biking! While working on our bikes at “Moab”, we seem to have misplaced some things. Can you help us find:
    6 bicycles
    Magic card pack
    a penguin
    a quarter, a dime, and a penny
    3 pushpins
    a pencil
    a domino
    a lock
    AA Battery
    a lighter
    a frog
    Check the answer key here