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Camper Q&A

What’s The Food Like At Camp?

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Diana, our Director of Food Services, likes to say that the key ingredient in our camp food is love!

Camp food is great and so is eating it with all your friends! There is always enough food for seconds, and even for thirds if you are very hungry. And it gets better… lunch and dinner are followed by dessert! If you get hungry between meals, there is always a bowl of fresh fruit available in the Dining Hall.

The food at camp is delicious! You eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner family-style with your cabin mates and counselor in the dining hall. This means that the food is put on your cabin’s table right before you walk inside, and you and your cabin mates fill your plates from the serving bowls, just like you would at home. If you run out of a food, just ask for more from other tables, or take the serving bowl up to the front window to refill it.

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Preparing fresh strawberries for the breakfast bar!

In addition to the meal, we also have a hot and cold bar. For breakfast, we have cereal, fresh fruit, yogurt, granola, and hard-boiled eggs available as an alternative to what is served on the table. We also have a full salad bar every day for lunch and dinner, as well as rice, beans, and sometimes soup offered on the hot bar.

Don’t worry if you are allergic to any foods or if you have a special diet. Your parents will notify us on your health form if you have any dietary restrictions, and it will be no problem during meals. During the meal, you would just come up to the front window to get your substitution.

Milk and Cookies are served at night, Monday through Friday, before you head back to your cabin for bedtime.

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