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Falling Creek

Water Activities


Falling Creek’s fishing program is progression based. Campers spend the first day learning the basics of how to tie knots, cast, and catch & release fish on camp’s two lakes. Boys can learn how to spin fish as well as fly fish.

Fly fishing has become one of Falling Creek’s fastest growing programs. The two lakes at camp are a perfect place to learn the basics of casting. After campers master these skills they are able to try their luck at catching trout on our private, stocked section of the Green River. We also take trips to the some of the most scenic rivers in North Carolina, including the Davidson River in Pisgah National Forest, the Tuckasegee, and sections of the French Broad River.

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Examples of Where We Fish

  • The mile stretch of Green River running through Falling Creek property is annually stocked with trout from a local hatchery!
  • Two lakes at camp with Largemouth Bass, Bluegill, & Grass Carp
  • Davidson River
  • Lake Summit
  • Lake Jocassee
  • Dupont State Forest


Sailing is a classic summer camp activity, offered in daily “blocks” so campers can sign up to go for all of the morning or afternoon. In sailing, we teach knots, how to rig a boat, parts of a boat, how to read wind and weather patterns, and how to control your boat while sailing.

One of the first things boys learn is how to “right” the boat if they capsize. Then they sail with a counselor or another camper. Once a boy progresses in sailing, he can also try sailing solo.

Falling Creek’s sailing facility is located about 10 minutes from camp on Lake Summit. Lake Summit is approximately 300 acres and has about 10 miles of shoreline. Our fleet of boats is includes Sunfish, Aquafin, and Laser Picos.

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Falling Creek’s swimming program is a wonderful opportunity to fine tune strokes and build endurance. Our waterfront staff also teach lifesaving skills and keep swimming fun by planning relay races or water polo games. You can work your way through our progression system and have a ton of fun in the lake!

Outside of activity periods, boys have the opportunity to enjoy the lake twice a day during Free Choice. Everyone wears a PFD for safety during Free Choice, and boys can enjoy playing on our waterfront elements, jumping off the high dive, or just relaxing with friends in tubes. The waterfront has a huge “blob” that acts as a floating trampoline, rocketing your friends into the water when you jump onto the other side. We also have a zip line that spans the length of the lake, a rope swing, a balancing log, and a “roller coaster” that slides you down across the water.

Swim Skill Classification

The swimming ability of each camper is assessed on Opening Day for the June, Main, and 2-Week Camp sessions. Junior campers do not participate in a swim skill classification and wear life jackets at all times. Boys that demonstrate solid swimming skills will be classified as “Gold Swimmers” and those who need to work on their skills will be termed “Green Swimmers”.

To be considered a Gold Swimmer, the following criteria must be demonstrated:

1.) Jump feet first into water over the head, level off, and begin swimming.

2.) Swim 100 yards (4 lengths) in a strong manner using freestyle (front crawl). Turn onto back and swim 25 yards using an easy, resting elementary backstroke. No stopping or “doggie paddling” is allowed during the Swim Check. Swimming the entire distance does not automatically qualify as showing ability. After swimming the distance, an evaluation will be made whether solid skills have been demonstrated. Several factors are considered in the determining proficiency:

  • consistent stroke throughout the whole length of the swim
  • body level in the water
  • arms consistently clearing the water
  • consistent and continuous kick
  • continuous forward motion
  • exhaustion level by the end of the swim
  • demonstrate ability to rest when exhausted when on back

3.) Tread water for 5 minutes

Green Swimmers are required to take swimming instructuion as one of their six daily activities and are not eligible for out-of-camp sailing, paddling, and other water-related trips. Green Swimmers are able to participate in lake canoeing and free swim activities in camp, wearing PFDs. Green swimmers may re-classify to become a Gold Swimmer at any time.

Gold Swimmers are welcome to sign up for swimming as an activity period to improve their strokes, work on progressions, and have fun.

Looking for details about our paddling program? Check out our page on Outdoor Adventure Programs!

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