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Closing Day

Closing day is a busy and bustling time. Please plan to pick up your son between 9:00am and 11:30am. Earlier pickups are discouraged as campers and counselors are enjoying one last hearty breakfast and time together before departure. We will then be ready to welcome you.

Campers and counselors will return to their cabin after breakfast and morning assembly to prepare for departure.

Except for charges pre-authorized by you, families will be billed after the end of the camp session for travel expenses, prescriptions, or medical expenses that exceed the store deposit.

Lastly, take a brief moment before you leave to check that you have all your son’s belongings. If he is missing an item, please alert the Program Office. In case of a lost item, every attempt will be made to locate an item before you leave, or it will be returned to you in the mail.

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