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Falling Creek



We use Genesis bows and matching Easton arrows on our archery range. The first thing you will learn in archery is range and bow safety. Every camper will be given a safety prep, each summer.

We use an Archery progression system at camp, and you will have the opportunity to earn higher levels as your skill improves.


We have a full-size basketball court in our gym, equipped with lights and covered for rainy day use. We also have a secondary outdoor court.

If you choose to take basketball at camp you will be able to work on your individual basketball skills, and teamwork. This is done through drills, games, and scrimmages.

Climbing Wall

Falling Creek’s climbing wall is 44 feet tall and has six sides, providing the opportunity to introduce first time climbers to the sport as well as challenge more advanced climbers. The inner sides of the wall are covered, allowing us to keep climbing even on rainy days, and there are crash pads lining the inner floor to make bouldering sessions even safer. The wall structure also has a bouldering cave with inverted holds, allowing campers to work on more advanced skills.

Our climbing instructors work with you to master the basic climbing commands, equipment, knots, and belaying techniques.

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Our fitness program combines running, weight training, and circuit training, to build endurance, strenght, confidence, and healthy habits.Weight training takes place in the Lodge, where we have weights, mats, pull up bars, medicine balls, a punching bag, and a projector for occasionally following along to workout videos. You will test yourself in various areas to determine your level, and then set goals for your time at camp. The program includes circuit training, jump rope, cardio, resistance bands, ab workouts, and traditional fitness activities.

Cross Country runs will take place on trails around camp. Developing healthy habits as a young man can last a lifetime, and campers of any level or ability are able to enjoy our many miles of trails at Falling Creek. Cross Country counselors are enthusiastic about the sport and make it fun! In Cross Country, you might play tag, run relays, enjoy scenic trail runs, and even host 5k races during the session!

Flag Football

Flag football is a blast at camp. Our synthetic turf field is a perfect place to improve skills and play awesome games with your camp friends. The drills, games, and scrimmages on the field not only improve your fitness and agility as an athlete, but also improve your teamwork skills.

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Riflery is one of the most popular in-camp activities. The first thing you will learn in Riflery is range and gun safety. Every camper will be given a safety prep each summer, and everyone on the range wears eye protection at all times.

We use the NRA Progression system at camp. You will have the opportunity to earn as many different levels as your skill allows.

Our riflery range uses olympic style .177 air rifles. We offer instruction in the prone, sitting, kneeling, & standing positions, which boys are able to progress through as their skill allows. We have 11 shooting stations at the range. Our riflery counselors adhere to strict safety procedures, and follow the NRA certification progression.


On the soccer field, instruction focuses on skill development, fundamentals of the game, teamwork and having fun. We offer both outdoor soccer on the landsports field, and indoor soccer in our enclosed turf field, located below the basketball court and nicknamed “the thunder dungeon”. You can work on your individual skills and participate in team games, often held during Saturday tournaments.


We have five outdoor courts, ready for learning basic skills or triumphing in a heated match with friends. You may either bring your racquet or play with ours. We provide everything you need.

Classes include warmups, practice drills, instruction, and time to play singles or doubles with other campers. In our longer sessions, campers love to participate in the tennis challenge ladder and the Camper/Counselor Tennis Tournament.

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Pickleball is one of the fastest-growing sports in America, with more than 3 million participants according to the Sports & Fitness Industry Association. It’s also camp’s newest activity! Pickleball is so popular because besides being fun, it is a very accessible sport, with a shorter learning curve than other racquet/paddle sports and less physical impact on the body.

You can enjoy learning this life-long sport on our three new pickleball courts near the tennis courts. We provide all the paddles and wiffle balls you’ll need to enjoy the game.

Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee is a high-energy game involving working as a team on the field to throw the frisbee into the other team’s goal. It includes working with a partner or a whole team to improve your skills, or just playing to have fun!

During this activity, you can learn the basics of catching and throwing a frisbee, or work on advanced skills and techniques for experienced players. As you progress, you will learn the strategy of offense and defense during a game. Classes including warm-ups, instruction, scrimmages, and stretching.

Disc Golf

In Disc Golf, boys play on the 18 hole disc golf course that winds across camp’s property, showcasing the scenic parts of the mountain while functioning as a fun and challenging game. Boys must aim their disc at the target, using as few throws as possible to complete each hole (similar to golf). Camp owns an array of discs for boys to play with, whether during their daily activity or at their own speed with friends during free-choice time.

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