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Camper Q&A

How Do I Play Warrior Ball?

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Warrior Ball is an outdoor form of dodgeball played in an octagon-shaped arena called a ‘Warrior Ball Pit.’ Our Warrior Ball Pit is right next to the Dining Hall, by the ping pong and foosball tables!

You can play everyday if you like, and it’s a popular spot during Free-Times. The game is similar to ‘Ga-Ga Ball’ or ‘Pit Ball’ and is believed to have it’s origins in Israel where the word ‘Ga’ means hit. The game begins with two bounces of the ball.

As many people as can fit in the pit can play.

  • To begin, everyone inside the pit must be touching the wall.

  • The ball is tossed in the center of the pit, and it must bounce twice on the ground. As it bounces, everyone can say “Warrior” then “Ball” for each bounce. After the second bounce, let go of the wall and the game is on!

  • Players hit the ball with an open hand or a fist, aiming to hit another player’s leg at the knee or below.

  • If the ball touches anyone from the knee or below, that player is out and must exit the pit (even if the ball has rolled, bounced, hit the wall, etc.).

  • Anytime the ball goes out of the pit, the last person who touched the ball is out.

  • You can only hit the ball one time until it either touches another player or the wall, then you are able to hit it again.

  • You can dribble the ball against the wall to position it.

  • You can move around anywhere inside the pit during the game.

  • The game ends when the last two people battle it out to the end.

  • Once the game is over, everyone else re-enters the pit to start a new game.

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