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Shipping Luggage

Shipping To Camp:

Luggage may be shipped to camp via UPS or FedEx. Please send luggage a week to ten days prior to your son’s arrival so that it will be at camp on time.

Please Note: Our shipping address DIFFERS from our mailing address.

Ship to:

Camper Name
c/o Falling Creek Camp
816 Falling Creek Camp Road
Zirconia, NC 28790

Shipping From Camp:

We take luggage to Mail Box & Pack at the end of a session to be shipped home. To expedite the process, make sure that you note this on the Online Travel Form, with address information. Please indicate which pieces of luggage are to be shipped as we match our records with those of Mail Box & Pack.

Please Note: We cannot save boxes for items to be shipped.

Contact Mail Box & Pack online at www.mailboxandpack.com (select Camp Shipping) to arrange for pre-payment for shipping belongings home. Please do not send pre-paid shipping labels to camp.