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Camp Activities & Progressions

Falling Creek offers nearly 30 activities, from in-camp to out-of-camp programs, and numerous special signup activities.

They range from a 50-minute period in camp, to 4-and 5-day adventures off property!

Activity Progression

Falling Creek’s camp-wide progression system gives campers the opportunity to build confidence as they advance through five levels in each activity.

  • Level 1 : Scout
  • Level 2: Explorer
  • Level 3 : Challenger
  • Level 4 : Ranger
  • Level 5 : Warrior

Each level has a set of criteria a camper must complete in order to advance, similar to the Boy Scout merit badge program. The levels are skill-based, with leadership and service components.

When a camper progresses through these activity levels, collecting Waypoints and achieving Warrior in activities, he has the chance to become a Journeyman. A Journeyman is a camper who has attained Warrior - the highest level of a program - in at least three different activities and consistently demonstrates that he lives by the FCC Code. During Main Camp, Journeymen can attempt to earn the coveted status of Keeper of the Flame.

Activities Offered at Camp

Freedom of choice is a key part of the camp experience. During the June, Main, and 2-Week Camp sessions your son will choose six activities to make up his daily schedule (see Junior Camp session Activities, below). Some activities use multiple activity periods as noted. Horseback Riding, for example, is 2 periods, which leaves 4 periods for other activities. Your son will work with program directors, activity leaders, and counselors to create a customized activity schedule on Opening Day. Campers have an opportunity to adjust their schedules each week. Activities work a bit differently in our Junior Camp.

Outdoor Adventure Activities

Opportunities for outdoor adventure activities and trips out of camp are announced regularly and campers who sign up will opt out of their regularly scheduled activities during the time they are participating in the outdoor adventure.

Junior Camp Session Activities

Junior Camp session campers follow a structured schedule with their counselors and cabinmates consisting of over 15 traditional camp activities throughout the week.