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Camper Q&A

What’s the Swim Check?

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The Swim Check is not hard or scary, it is just the time on Opening Day when our waterfront staff evaluates your ability to swim and comfort in the water. The Swim Check is important because a lot of activities at camp are in or near the water. We want campers to be safe, so if you are not a strong swimmer, the check lets us know how to help you improve. If you previously classified as a strong swimmer, you won’t need to repeat the Swim Check when you return to camp in future summers.

If you are worried about the Swim Check, you can always practice at a pool at home. During the Swim Check, you’ll swim four lane lengths (about 100 yards) of freestyle, one length of backstroke, and tread water for five minutes. For more specific details, you can look at the Swim Skill Classification in our Water Activites section.

If you can’t swim all the lengths or tread water for that amount of time, it is no problem. You will just have to take swimming as one of your six daily activities, and you won’t be able to sign up for water related trips out of camp (paddling, sailing, and Sliding Rock) until you can complete the swim skills in the Swim Check.

However, since everyone wear PFDs at free swim and lake canoeing in camp, you will still be able to participate in these activities, regardless of the Swim Check! Strong swimmers are also welcome to sign-up for swimming as a daily activity to improve their endurance, work on progressions, and have fun.

If you are coming to Junior Camp, don’t worry about the Swim Check. We do not take the Swim Check during Junior Camp because there are not any out-of-camp trips, and all water activities in-camp utilize PFDs.