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Late 1990s Photos

The header photo above shows a young Ben Williams (now our Outdoor Adventure Director) spraying prior owner and director Chuck McGrady with a waterbottle during Morning Assembly in the late 90s.

To the left, John McKeith took a photo of Joe Duckett with a skunk, one of his many animals in the nature hut.

The photos immediately below were also taken by John McKeith in the late 90s.

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Jim Goodrum, a prior director and someone who has held almost every role at camp, seen here at a field day in 1999.

Below, you will see Kirsten Dickins’ 1998 photo of the “Chickasaw” tribe of female staff on the far left. In the center, is “Helga”, the Lady Liberty on an inner tube in the upper lake, and on the far right you’ll see prior Director Chuck McGrady after pranking counselor Richard Whitaker by filling his car entirely with packing peanuts.

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