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Falling Creek

By the Numbers

Since 1969: 5 Lines, 4 parts of the Code, 2 colors, 1 brotherhood.

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See you in 2023!

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Falling Creek is a wholesome community where boys can be boys, surrounded by strong positive role models. It's a place that seems to turn back the clock to a simpler time when traditional values were appreciated and lasting friendships were formed.

TIME Magazine

The August 6, 2007, edition of TIME magazine features the cover article The Myth About Boys, describing how boys are “starting to get back to more traditional boyhood activities.” It describes Falling Creek as “a trip to boy heaven.” To research the story, TIME reporter David Von Drehle observed camp life from the morning wake up bell until lights out.

In addition to the article, TIME photographer David Burnett’s photo essay The Boys Are All Right candidly captures boys enjoying various activities at Falling Creek Camp.