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Finding Your Way

The Waypoint System

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To see all the awards available to campers and staff, the complete list can be viewed below.

What are Waypoints?

In navigation, they are a set of coordinates that represent a fixed location, or an objective along a planned course in one’s journey. Falling Creek developed the Waypoints tradition so campers and staff can pursue intentional objectives throughout their journey. Progression is not age restrictive as the boys are able and encouraged to pursue advancement based on their interest.

There are Waypoints for each individual’s unique course at Falling Creek, from campers to staff members. Currently, progression Waypoints can be earned in nearly 50 activities and specialty awards. Achievements will be rewarded with Waypoint Markers at the end of each session that can be proudly displayed on a frame-worthy base map of Falling Creek’s campus.

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New campers and staff receive a map after their first summer. These Waypoints are highly sought after by campers and staff alike. We encourage campers to challenge themselves to progress through each activity’s five levels to reach Ranger or even Warrior - and we encourage staff to show exemplary leadership in their activity areas. Achievements are rewarded with Waypoint Markers at the end of each session, which are proudly displayed on the FCC maps of campers and staff.