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Camper Q & A

Coming to Falling Creek Camp this summer and not sure what to expect? These are some common Camper Q&As that can help answer your questions! You can also check out our Camp Lingo blog post to learn some of the words and phrases you might hear around camp. Parents, head over to the parent section or contact us if you still have unanswered questions.

I knew nothing about kayaking before I came to Falling Creek. I started kayaking on my 3rd year and this year I began to progress into more advanced trips…I was a little scared at first, and then I remembered that all of the counselors have whitewater rescue training…I felt proud to look up at what I did, and I can’t wait to go home and tell everybody about it.

Austin / Birmingham, AL

A Window Into Camp

An Enduring Adventure

Once a camper who had never been paddling, and now the head of the paddling program, Taylor Barker is just one of many boys who came to camp with wide eyes and great expectations. Camp is a safe and encouraging environment for boys to grow in, and boy do they grow!