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Late 1980s Photos

The above header photo is from a July 1985 paddling trip. From left to right is Yates Pharr, his prior counselor David Brown, Gordon Strayhorn (current owner/director of Camp Illahee), Stephen Pharr (Yates’ brother), and Bucky Brown (David’s brother and one of Yates’ prior counselors).

The photo to the left is from Stephen Hopkins, showing the swim staff in the summer of 1987.

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Seen on the right, April of 1986, CIT (now Men of STEEL) reunion


The photos immediately below are from the summer of 1988 and 1989. The photo on the far left during was taken by Charles Hill Morris on the Landsports Field. In the middle left is Yates Pharr instructing paddling (photo taken by Benjamin Porter), and the middle right is Marisa Pharr (then Marisa Manley) as the head of the waterfront. On the far left, Marisa is seen again with Jim Goodrum, a long-time Falling Creek director.

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The three photos above feature the Whitaker brothers, Meade and Richard. In the far left is Meade Whitaker’s first summer at camp in 1986. The middle photo is Richard’s first summer, and Meade’s third in 1989. Finally on the far right, is Richard Whitaker’s last summer as a camper in 1996, and his brother Meade’s 3rd summer on staff.

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In June of 1987, Yates Pharr and Frank Jackson are seen here leading a paddling trip on Lake Fontana