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About Us

We exist to shepherd the journey of personal growth through love and adventure

Unplug & Just Be

We believe boys need a place where they can unplug from technology for literally hundreds of hours - and just “be boys.” Nestled in a peaceful mountaintop cove, Falling Creek provides a unique opportunity for physical, spiritual, and social growth.

The Falling Creek Code is a set of enduring traditional values that provides the framework for everything at camp.

Falling Creek is a traditional summer camp for boys, founded on Christian values. It is located on over 900 private mountaintop acres in western North Carolina, 20 minutes from Hendersonville. Sessions range from one to four weeks for rising 1st through 12th grade boys, and Father/Son Weekends are offered. In addition to the classic camp activities, campers can choose to participate daily in a variety of out-of-camp adventure trips, ranging in skill level from introductory to advanced, and from one-day trips to five-day trips.

Our son loved his experiences at June camp. His counselor encouraged him in so many ways. While we expected him to focus on landsports, he courageously tried new things like sailing, wilderness survival, and he loved paddling. Falling Creek is a camp where spiritual growth is intentional, physical growth is encouraged, mental growth is expected, and social growth is so much fun!

Duggan L. / Atlanta, Georgia

Since 1969, Falling Creek families have recognized the value of the camp experience and the critical role it plays in their sons’ development. Boys come to camp for adventure and a chance to play out in the woods. Little do they know that we have invested thousands of hours of preparation, thoughtful planning, and staff training to make sure every moment of the summer builds character, fosters growth, and challenges boys to become the men God intends them to be.


Falling Creek’s mission is to provide a setting, a program, and dedicated leadership to allow our boys a maximum opportunity for personal growth and fun as they develop an understanding of their relationship with nature, their fellow man, and God.

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Program Director Jim McGregor (left) and Founder Jim Miller (center), and Paul Neal the spiritual director (right).

Camp History

Jim Miller

Falling Creek Camp was founded in 1969 by Jim Miller as an independent Christian camp for boys and the brother camp of Camp Greystone. Jim purchased the land in 1968, and opened for the first season the following summer with 110 boys for one 7-week session. After three years of building a firm foundation, Jim had growing obligations at Camp Greystone, and decided to sell Falling Creek. He did so to a young man named Yorke Pharr, who had worked alongside him in the early years.

Yorke & Barbara Pharr

For the next 18 years, Yorke and his wife Barbara invested in new programs, facilities, and acreage. During the ensuing years, Falling Creek grew in enrollment and new session options were added.

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Chuck McGrady at the canoe docks on the lower lake in the 1990s
Chuck & Jean McGrady

In the fall of 1989, Falling Creek was purchased by Chuck and Jean McGrady. Chuck and co-director Donnie Bain operated camp for 16 years, along with Donnie’s wife, Kim, who ran the Program Office.

Chuck was also an early leader of the Carolina Mountain Land Conservancy (now Conserving Carolina), served as President of the Sierra Club from 1998 to 2000, and in 2009–10 he was Executive Director of the North Carolina Youth Camp Association.

The McGradys and the Bains invested in great people and programs. Under their leadership, Falling Creek saw many new programmatic and facility improvements, such as the addition of the climbing wall, Miller Lodge, and the Yak Shack at the lower lake.

You may have been part of Falling Creek for a few weeks one summer, or you may have made Falling Creek part of your life for many summers. Eventually, everyone wanders away from this magical place called Falling Creek, but we never wander away from the impact it has had on our lives.

Chuck McGrady / Director Emeritus

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Future owner and director, Yates Pharr, as a paddling counselor at Falling Creek Camp.
Yates & Marisa Pharr

In 2005, Yates and Marisa Pharr (no relation to Yorke), purchased camp and moved there with their young children from Asheville where Yates led a successful career in commercial real estate, and Marisa in Youth Development. This brought them back to Falling Creek, Yates having spent 12 years as a camper and then counselor. Yates and Marisa were on staff together in 1989.

You can learn more about the Pharr Family and the current camp leadership team here.

In retrospect I realize that my time at Falling Creek was instrumental in building the foundation that enabled me to rise above the challenges that life throws you, and propeled me forward. The memories and experience gained in camp experiences over fifty years ago, are still influencing my life today.

Spencer B. / ’74, ’75, & ’77 Alumnus

A Window Into Camp

Falling Creek is a Place Where Boyhood is Celebrated

Boys come to camp for adventure and a chance to play out in the woods. Little do they know that we have invested thousands of hours of preparation, thoughtful planning and staff training to make sure every moment of the summer builds character, fosters growth, and challenges them to become the men God intends them to be.

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We know that choosing the right summer camp for your child is a big decision. Our website and information packet are helpful tools designed to give you as much information as possible.

We are happy to speak with you and answer any questions you may have about camp. Please feel free to contact us by us, or calling 828-692-0262.

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