The Truth behind Easter

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Easter is named after the pagan goddess of spring. Creating memories of adventurous egg hunts, the Easter Bunny, dying colorful eggs, fun gift baskets, and beautiful spring dresses, Easter is a holiday celebrating and welcoming spring. Yet, the existence of hope, peace, love, and new life… the very thing that makes spring such a celebrated time of year, all comes from the life and death of one man.

Easter eggs started in ancient Persia, where they were used as a symbol of ongoing struggle between good and evil. Christians eventually used the Easter egg as a symbol of life coming forth from an empty tomb. Although many know the story of Jesus, it is so easy to forget the true meaning of Easter.


Good Friday is a remembrance of Jesus’ death; the crucifixion on the cross. God sacrificing His perfect son so that our sins are forgiven and we may have a relationship with Him. Jesus died on that cross and was buried in a tomb. The tomb was built of stone and had one entrance that was covered with a 1.5-2 ton stone that took at least 2 or more strong men to move it. Guards were ordered to stand guard of the tomb. 3 days later, on Easter Sunday, a women approached Jesus’ tomb. The guards rolled the stone away and found that His body was no longer there. Angels informed the woman and the other disciples that he had risen, just like he had promised, and they were told to share this news with others.

This Easter, do not forget the true meaning behind the eggs, the gift baskets, and the cute, flowery dresses. Here are some amazing Easter traditions that you can easily bring into your home to celebrate the true meaning of the holiday; the resurrection of Christ.

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  • Before you hide the eggs, place a colored strip inside the egg that tells one small part of the Easter story. When the eggs have been found, have the kids unscramble the story and put it in the right order.

  • In addition to dying the eggs, write one attribute of Jesus on each egg.

  • Take Easter candy that is already hallowed (like certain chocolates) and pass it out at a retirement home or orphanage and have the kids tell about the meaning of Jesus using the hallowed candy to reference the empty tomb.

  • Decorate the mantle with a resurrection-theme, including things like a donkey, palm branches, a wooden cross, and a large rock with a hollowed-out center that resembles a tomb.

If you have other amazing Easter traditions, share them in the comments below! We would love to hear them.

Falling Creek wishes you a happy Easter! May God bless!