Camp Improves College Admissions

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These days, colleges look at more than just grades and school activities, but how students utilize their summer.

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CNBC did a segment on how Summer Camp May Improve College Admission Odds back in 2014. Although high school grades and standardized test scores are still the main influence for admission, extracurricular activities, particularly those during the summer, are the next big factor.

What students choose to do during the summer tells the colleges what they will do while on campus. Do they want to be involved or rather spend their time sleeping and playing video games.

Steven Infanti, associate vice president for admissions at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology, said, “when I look at an applicant who has a 2.5 [GPA], which would be kind of a borderline admit for us, but I see on his application, I participate in this camp… that shows a lot of initiative and someone who has a passion.”

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Camp relationships are another huge interest for college admissions. Campers who become counselors, for example, show positive qualities like leadership, resilience, and decent social skills, which are very attractive to any college or employer for that matter.

Camp also grows a child’s independence. Not only is this attractive on a college application, but it also PREPARES a child for college. Overnight camps offer a sense of independence that is important for the college atmosphere.

Something unique about Falling Creek is the Waypoints progression system and the freedom of picking activities on a weekly basis as well as the option to go on out-of-camp trips daily. Waypoints creates a goal-making process for the boys to strive for and progress through multiple levels in any activity they want to gain particular skills in. The boys also gain decision making skills as they set their own schedule. These are both valuable skills for colleges as well.

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Summer camp is an exciting experience for boys as they experience, learn, build long-lasting friendships, and gain many skills that are crucial for college, careers, and life.