What Lands We Cross

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Wally is a driver and van expert at Falling Creek Camp in the summer, and a Henderson County bus driver during the rest of the year. When transporting campers to the many trailheads, lakes, and rivers around our area, he believes that the drive is all part of the experience. As they enjoy scenic drives to their next destination, Wally shares his knowledge of the land with campers and staff.

Last fall, I decided that I needed to check my facts on some of the geological descriptions I was giving the van riders as we drove to various spots. I began to look things up and write them down. I’m happy to say that things I shared with the campers about the area were correct, as far as it went. What I didn’t expect when I started was that a nine page treatise would evolve. (See below.) I’m happy with it because, if for no other reason, I’ve learned a lot.

Wally, Driver at Falling Creek Camp

We’re grateful for the knowledge and passion that Wally brings to camp, using every opportunity as an educational one - even a seemingly mundane van ride becomes full of wonder with him in the driver’s seat. You can read Wally’s full work below, describing many of the geological features and lands we drive through to begin our out-of-camp adventure trips. You can also download the PDF version of this text here.

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