Alumni Who Live By The Code: Dwayne Maynard

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Dwayne Maynard (counselor '11-'13, '15) has been a firefighter and EMS worker for the city of Asheville for the past 6 years, where he displays his Servant's Heart daily.

Dwayne Maynard - Servant’s Heart

At Falling Creek the FCC Code shapes our daily actions, as we strive to consistently live with Warrior Spirit, Servant’s Heart, Positive Attitude, and Moral Compass. The Code is a set of enduring traditional values that provides the framework for everything at camp, but its importance goes far beyond the summer months. In this blog series, we’ll highlight some of the amazing Falling Creek alumni who continue to “Live by the Code,” modeling these values in their daily lives.

In addition to discussing the camp history of these alumni, we’ll also share what they’ve been up to since being camp counselors. They give valuable advice for current counselors wanting to join their same career fields, and describe the impact that Falling Creek had on their personal and professional careers.

Next in this blog series, we’ll highlight Dwayne Maynard, a Falling Creek counselor and mountain biking instructor for 4 summers (2011-’13, ‘15). For the past 6 years, Dwayne has been a firefighter and EMS worker for the city of Asheville. The mission of the City of Asheville Fire Department is to protect the lives, property, and environment of all people within Asheville by preventing the occurrence and minimizing the adverse effects of fires, accidents, and all other emergencies.

Dwayne consistently models Servant’s Heart by dedicating his career to caring for others in trouble. But how did he get to be in the role he holds today, and what advice would he have for others looking to enter the field of fire/emergency services?

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Dwayne, top left, with his cabin in the summer of 2012

Dwayne, what made you want to work as a counselor at Falling Creek?

My first experience with camp was a random walk into the student center at Berea College. A camp fair was happening that day and I was drawn to two gentlemen that seemed to stand out from the rest. Ben (FCC’s Outdoor Adventure Director) and Goody (Director of Staff Recruitment & Development at the time) had warm smiles and were enthusiastic about telling me about their camp. I had grown up riding BMX so I was automatically drawn to the mountain biking program, and the more I talked to Ben, the more I knew I wanted to be a part of it. Granted, at this time I had never ridden, much less owned, a mountain bike in my life. We exchanged contacts and within a few weeks I was coming to Western North Carolina for the summer to be a camp counselor and mountain bike instructor. I can remember my first day arriving at camp, the area had a beauty I had never experienced before and it seemed like every person I met was somehow even friendlier than the last.

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Dwayne, far right, with the 2012 FCC Crank Expedition trip

What made you return for multiple summers?

That first summer was one of the hardest of the four for me. Everything was new, from learning how to ride a mountain bike to keeping 8 little guys alive and entertained for the summer. I had my ups and downs that summer, but it was one of the most memorable, and by the end of the summer I knew I wanted to come back.

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Dwayne hamming it up for the camera in front of one of the Asheville Fire Engines

After your last summer in 2015, where have you been working and living?

I worked at camp throughout all my summers attending Berea College, and grew a strong love for the area and for mountain biking. Upon finishing school, I moved to Asheville to live and work. I have currently been working for the Asheville Fire Department for 6 years and continue to ride my bike every chance I have.

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Dwayne as a mountain bike counselor in 2012

Did your experience at FCC influence your professional career in any way?

I attribute where I am today because of my summers at Falling Creek. Working at camp not only showed me the beautiful area I live in today, but it also gave me a lifelong passion for mountain biking. I feel fortunate to have found a career in the fire service since leaving FCC. A positive attitude, servant’s heart, moral compass, and warrior spirit are the core values taught at camp; and each of these values still serves me daily in my career.

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Devon Coetzer ('10-'12), Taylor Ladd ('02-'06,'11), and Dwayne in 2011 when the mountain bike staff all bought matching "Kowalski Sausage" hats

Do you still keep in touch with any FCC friends/counselors?

Some of my closest friends are people I met my first summer at camp. Just recently I attended an FCC alumni’s wedding with multiple other faces from camp. Working together and sharing strong passions seems to create a bond which is hard to describe. We can go long periods of time without contact, but it still feels like that first summer at camp when we see each other.

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Dwayne and campers on the 2012 Crank Expedition working to clear a trail

What advice would you give to current camp counselors who are looking for careers after the summer?

I would say to find something that you love and are passionate about; something that gives you meaning and you can go to work (on most days) with a smile on your face. Don’t be too rigid or hard on yourself. If it feels right in your heart and you can sleep most nights then you’re probably on the right track. I did not plan on going into the fire service while attending Berea, but things that I learned at FCC about myself and my passion for others changed my trajectory, and I have not regretted a day of it.

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Dwayne pictured with the 2012 FCC Expedition staff heading to Colorado

What might you recommend to someone interested in going into your field?

I invite anyone who may be interested in the Fire/EMS field to shoot me an email; I would love to exchange numbers and provide both the positive and negative perspectives I have experienced thus far. (please for Dwayne’s contact!)

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