Camp Counselors' Perspectives: Career Building Opportunities

Introducing a new video series, from the perspectives of our summer staff!

Being a camp counselor gives you opportunities for personal growth and professional development that are hard to replicate anywhere else, not to mention the incredible relationships and networking opportunities a camp position provides. But don’t just take our word for it!

In this first video, hear from some of our summer camp staff who are working towards their goals - in engineering, finance, teaching, and more - by working at Falling Creek.


Economics Major, Teaches Football, Riflery, and Tennis

I was looking at being a waiter, I was looking at, you know, an internship in New York - I’m looking to go in the financial services industry, so I was looking at some internships that I could do, but I couldn’t turn down this opportunity. I knew that I had been given a lot by my counselors, and that’s ultimately what led me to be back here.


Engineering Major, Teaches Blacksmithing and Outdoor Skills

I think this job will absolutely help me in my career as an engineer. I think it’s really easy to get bogged down in the numbers and the software and designing things or building things and a lot of people miss that personal connection.


M.Ed. Student in Secondary Biology Education, Teaches Nature and Outdoor Skills

You know, as an aspiring teacher, I’m going to have summers free and the same goes for this summer. So I’m doing my masters in education, and I am free during the summers. I really love this place. I have a deep connection with it and I felt like it just made sense to be back here if I could.


Biomedical Engineering Major, Teaches Tennis and Woodworking

Even though I am a biomedical engineering student and the normal thing to do is to go and do an internship or work in a lab or something. You’re only 18 to 22 in that college age once - you might as well have fun with your summer. I don’t think that you can meet a cooler group of people anywhere else, and that definitely came as a surprise my first year, but it’s been true every year I’ve come back with, totally new groups of people. It’s like, why not go be a counselor? And especially if you’re going to be a camp counselor, you might as well go to one of the coolest camps there is.