Camp Christmas

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Deck the halls with boughs of holly, fa la la la la, la fa lling Creek! Thursday morning we were woken up with Christmas carols playing from the Gym, surprising all the boys with camp Christmas!

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Nuckles read everyone “The Night Before Christmas”

To start the day, we gathered at Morning Watch and Nuckles read everyone “The Night Before Christmas”. From there, we ran to breakfast at the Dining Hall, which was all decked out with red and green streamers. On the porch was a huge blow-up teddy bear and a decorated Christmas tree, complete with wrapped presents underneath. The Gym fireplace also had stuffed stockings hanging with care. You can probably imagine the excitement of the boys once they awoke to this surprise!

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During Morning Assembly, everyone wore santa hats to keep with the festive mood. After a skit with Whit playing the grinch, we sang Christmas carols and headed off to activities. In activities they continued the theme, playing holiday tunes while playing basketball, or wearing elf hats while acting as “santa’s helpers” in pottery and woodworking.

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Campers had to find the stolen presents to save Christmas!

One of the highlights of camp Christmas was a brand new evening program - Grinch’s Revenge! The Grinch stole all of Santa’s gifts and hid the wrapped presents all throughout camp. The object of the game was for campers to find their cabin’s gifts and the other bonus gifts hidden around camp in order to take Christmas back from the Grinch!

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Santa's helpers at pottery!

Every cabin had two gifts hidden that they were supposed to find. They would know where to look for their presents based on a Christmas card that each cabin received, containing clues. The smaller the gift, the harder to find - but the small gifts would contain more point cards inside!

There were also random gifts hidden around camp not designated for specific cabins, and boys could also find those for points too. However, some contained coal, which was not worth any points!

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Watch out for the Grinch!

Roaming around camp was Santa (Nuckles) and his elf (Zach), who were spreading Christmas cheer and giving out hints to good boys! If campers sang a Christmas carol to them, they gave out points - however, campers had to watch out for the Grinch (Whit) and his dog Max who were also roaming about! The Grinch gave out riddles to campers, and if they weren’t able to solve the riddles, he would steal a gift!

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Finding presents around camp to save Christmas!

Once the bell rang to end the game, everyone met back at Morning Watch with the gifts they had found, ready to unwrap them and determine what points were written inside! As a final cherry on top for the night, we enjoyed our typical milk & cookies before bed, but topped with red and green sprinkles. It was a Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

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It was fun seeing everyone wearing the santa hats in activities all day!

Today is Saturday, which means it’s a special weekend day at camp! We’ll explain more about weekends at camp in tomorrow’s blog, but everyone is enjoying an extra hour of sleep this morning and will be getting ready to play in tournaments and an all-camp-game later today. It’s another great day at camp!