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Chuck Niemeyer

  • I’m known as Chuck.
  • I’m from Gastonia, North Carolina.
  • I’m a PA in a busy orthopaedic clinic.
  • I was a Falling Creek camper for 5 years (1977-78, 1980, 1982-83).
  • This will be my 18th year on staff at Falling Creek (2006-2019, 2021-2024).
  • I’ll be a camp nurse.
  • Night owl or early bird? Early bird gets the worm.
  • If I had my own late night talk show, my first guest would be Fridtjof Nansen, Norwegian explorer
  • My favorite holiday is Veteran’s Day, because I am a veteran.
  • If I could live anywhere in the world for a year, I would choose Norway. I would like to travel the homeland of my ancestors.
  • My favorite way to get in some exercise is by swimming
  • Fun Fact: I’m a former camper, and father to two former campers and counselors.
  • I’m most looking forward to seeing old friends again. Meeting new staff members and campers who have the same great FC experiences that I have had.

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