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Nora Loughlin

  • My name is Nora
  • I’m from Massachusetts
  • I’m currently a travel Nurse, currently working in North Carolina. I’m so excited to serve on the team of nurses at FCC this summer!
  • This will be my second year on staff at Falling Creek (’22-’23).
  • I’ll be a camp nurse
  • I love being outside ! Spring / summer are my favorite seasons. Whether it’s hiking or just getting to read my book, if it’s sunny out you can find me outside!
  • The weirdest food I’ve ever eaten was crickets ! They probably wouldn’t be my go to snack, but after you get over the whole “im eating a bug” thing, they’re not that bad!
  • Something that’s now always on my packing list for camp is
  • My hiking shoes are probably the oldest pair I own right now. They’ve taken me all over, from the mountains of Vermont to Zion National park of Utah!
  • Fun Fact: I’m the second youngest of 6 kids! I love being part of a big family and I’m very close with all my siblings!