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Ender Limb

  • My name is Ender Limb
  • I’m from Carthage, North Carolina
  • I’m currently attending Sandhills Community College and my graduation date would be in 2024. I am getting an associates degree and planning to transfer to NC State University
  • I was a Falling Creek camper for 5 years (2012-’15, ‘20).
  • This will be my first year on staff at Falling Creek.
  • I’ll be teaching outdoor skills and woodworking
  • I enjoy working on my cars when I get the chance to. I also like to play sandbox type video games to relax and pass the time. I also have gotten into reading and have found interest in the science fiction and fantasy genres.
  • Of all the people from history, I would choose to have dinner with Neil Armstrong. I am very fascinated with space and would love to talk about his experience traveling to the moon and what it was like seeing the entire Earth from thousands of miles away.
  • My favorite ice cream flavors are coffee, chocolate, and cookies & creme.
  • A good nap definitely helps recharge my batteries, but so does reading and watching videos. I also like to unwind by listening to some good tunes while driving around exploring new places.
  • My dream travel location? I would love to visit Japan and travel around the island.
  • Fun Fact: Despite my name, I have never read the book Ender’s Game.
  • I look forward to improving my skills by working with kids. I am also excited to meet new people and create new relationships.