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Giselle Barrales

  • My name is Giselle Barrales
  • I’m known as Gi or Gis
  • I’m from Puebla, México
  • I’m a law student at Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla, I’m at my fourth year of college and also excited to be graduated because I would like to be an attorney and a formidable lawyer.
  • This will be my first year on staff at Falling Creek.
  • I’ll be teaching arts & crafts and theater.
  • If I could have dinner with anyone from history, I would choose definitively, Emmeline Pankhurst; I would love to have the opportunity to ask her so many things about her life and her experience as an activist in the suffragette movement and all the things she did for help the woman!
  • My favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate! I love chocolate flavor in everything and with all the toppings! Like nuts, caramel, chocolate chips, it makes me soooo happy :)
  • Something that “recharges my batteries”? I love painting, is my comfort zone; my heart feels very peaceful when I’m doing it and also it helps me to get some calm and do my best in life.
  • I’m looking for learning, not only as a counselor; but a part of a team who turns into family, about the cultures, about to increase my faith, about to increase my skills, my values and knowledge. Also, I hope to be able to bring a little bit of me, myself and my country to everyone at FCC! <3