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Jack Glassner

  • My name is John Glassner
  • I’m known as Jack
  • I’m from Charlotte, NC
  • I’m currently a freshman at Hampden-Sydney College, studying economics and law.
  • I was a Falling Creek camper for 7 years (2010-16).
  • This will be my first year on staff at Falling Creek.
  • I’ll be teaching tennis
  • I’m happiest competing. Working toward a goal makes me very happy. While achieving the actual goal also makes me happy the process is really what brings me joy. If its too easy I’m probably not having fun.
  • If I could have dinner with anyone from history, I would choose Kobe Bryant, his work ethic and determination are second to none. I would ask him how he keeps the fire burning 24/7.
  • My favorite ice cream flavor is Cookie Dough
  • Something that “recharges my batteries” is talking with people I enjoy. Conversation gives me fuel.
  • My dream travel location is Australia
  • Fun Fact: When I was a camper at Falling Creek I won the camper counselor tennis tournament with Frank
  • I am most looking forward to learning how to react when I am tired. I know I’ll be ready to go all day but when I am tired will I still be able to act in a calm, cool, and collected fashion?