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Kat Velazquez Flores

  • My name is Katia Velazquez Flores
  • I’m known as Kat
  • I’m from Mexico
  • I’m currently in school at Benemerita Universidad Autonoma de Puebla and I’m studying for a law degree
  • I’m the happiest going out on dates with my friends and family
  • If I could have dinner with anyone from history, I would choose Chabela Vargas who was a mexican singer and actress that I think told great stories by doing her art and a mexican symbol
  • My favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate
  • Chilling recharges my batteries and having a moment to relax, also writing is great
  • My dream travel location? Anywhere with a beach i think it is a dream
  • Fun Fact: When i get impatient I start to dance funny
  • I am looking forward to improving my english with my new friends and knew about their cultures. Also learn about being self-sufficient :)