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Philip Billings

  • My name is Philip Billings
  • You can just call me Philip
  • I’m from Dallas, Texas
  • I’m graduating from Shelton in May where I plan to get my high school diploma, after this I plan to go to collage to get a degree in architecture.
  • I was a Falling Creek camper for 3 years (’16-’18).
  • This will be my first year on staff at Falling Creek.
  • I’ll be a member of D.A.S.H., and teach F.A.R.M. and Outdoor Skills
  • I’m happiest when I’m making my friends laugh, honestly I cant get enough of them. I would even consider my friends part of my family.
  • If I could have dinner with anyone in history I would want to have dinner with my late grandmother. Not only did she making a mean goulash but she was some one who I could talk to and relate on a personal level.
  • As a Texan I have to go with any flavor of Blue Bell, but specifically strawberry.
  • Something that “recharges my batteries”? Having a hardy meal along with a compelling conversation always seems to recharge my batteries.
  • My dream travel location would probably be Iceland even though I strongly dislike the cold.
  • One fun fact about me is that I never run out of things to talk about, start a conversation with me and find out!
  • I’m looking forward to connecting with more people and broadening my knowledge of this world.