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Sam Lissaman

  • My name is Sam Lissaman
  • I’m known as Sam
  • I’m from New Zealand!
  • I’m 3/4 through a Bachelor of Quantity Surveying from the University of Auckland. I’ve taken a break to do camp and go travelling after! Just living life really.
  • This is my first year working at Falling Creek
  • I’ll be teaching backpacking
  • I’m happiest going outside and getting the endorphins flowing! Wether it’s a run, hike or bike ride. At the moment I’m training for an Ironman and absolutely loving it!
  • What’s something that “recharges my batteries”? When life gets busy one thing that’s great for me is laying down and star gazing
  • My dream travel location is experiencing the fjords in Norway
  • Can’t wait to learn about the new cultures and views from people around the world, whether they be campers or other staff. I’m also looking forward to seeing how far I can push myself out of my comfort zone!