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Scuba Keiser

  • My name is Steven Keiser
  • I’m known as Scuba.
  • I’m from Birmingham, Alabama
  • When I’m not at camp, I am usually traveling around the country, working different outdoor education programs, or slingin lattes at a fancy little coffee shop.
  • This will be my 4th year on staff at Falling Creek (2019, 2021-2023).
  • I’ll be teaching rock climbing
  • I’m at my happiest when I am climbing or introducing someone to climbing. Anytime I get out in nature is a good time.
  • If I could have dinner with anyone from history, I would choose Jack Black
  • I often recharge by finding a cozy place to either draw in my sketchbooks or play my ukulele.
  • My dream travel location is Alpha Centauri
  • What am I most looking forward to? The summer I’m going to spend a lot of time with our South American staff, and really progress with my Spanish, they’re super kind and willing to teach and it’s a lot of fun!