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Will Cameron

  • My name is William Cameron
  • I’m known as Will
  • I’m from Dunwoody, Georgia
  • I’m graduating from Blessed Trinity on May 13th, and next is college
  • I was a camper for 8 years (’14-’19, ’21-’22)
  • This will be my first year on staff
  • I’ll be part of the D.A.S.H. program, and will be teaching climbing wall and ultimate frisbee.
  • I’m happiest working out, serving the community, and making other people happy.
  • If I could have dinner with anyone from history, I would choose Marcus Aurelius, because he has a lot of writings on moral systems, and was generally a good guy at a time where that was not common, so learning about him and just a time period like that would be interesting.
  • My favorite ice cream flavor is mint chocolate chip.
  • Something that “recharges my batteries” is just being outdoors and seeing natural beauty.
  • My dream travel location is Alaska, and just the ability to explore the national parks up there.
  • Fun Fact: I’m only 55lbs off the Georgia State High school power lifting record.
  • I am most looking forward to learning how to deal with criticism better and improve that skill.