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Sam Trenski

  • My name is Samuel Trenski
  • I’m known as Sam
  • I’m from Orlando, Florida
  • I was a camper for 6 years (’07-’11,’13) and worked at Falling Creek for 2 full summers (’15-’16). This will be my second year working Father/Son Weekends and Family Camp (’22-’23)
  • I work as a project manager for industrial engineering projects primarily focusing on the energy sector.
  • If I could have dinner with anyone from history, I’d have to say Yates Pharr in the Dining Hall with the Stromboli meal and s’mores pockets for dessert. Can’t forget the red bug juice either.
  • How do I “recharge my batteries”? These days: Spending time and chatting with friends. When I was a counselor: Targeting my campers in multiball. When I was a camper: Targeting my counselors in multiball
  • Fun Fact: I am the inaugural recipient of Falling Creek Camp’s award for Most Exceptional Caver/Spelunker in 2010 and have held the title uncontested ever since. I am likely the only Warrior in caving.
  • I am looking forward to learning some productivity tips and tricks from that one rooster. It didn’t matter if it was chickens, cows, or teachers he was able to create a 1200% increase in eggs, eggnog, and eggxams.

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