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Sunny Ray

  • My name is Sunny Ray
  • I’m known as Sunny
  • I’m from Fairview, NC
  • I am currently working at The Rhu coffee shop in downtown Asheville as a barista!
  • I was on staff at Falling Creek for two years (2021-2022) and this summer working the Father/Son Weekends.
  • I love being active out in nature! Whether is be climbing, running, slacklining or hiking, it is my therapy. I also find so much peace in creating, regardless of the medium.
  • My favorite ice cream flavor is homemade fresh mint chocolate chip!
  • Fun Fact: Last year I volunteered at an organic farm in Sweden! It was an absolute dream and I often daydream about being buried in the dirt harvesting beautiful beets and carrots surrounded by such beauty and calmness.
  • I’m most looking forward to just being back on the property and getting to experience and contribute to the excitement and energy that the boys bring.

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